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Mercedes Benz Encrusted with Gold and Diamonds


2018 World most expensive $48 million Diamond encrusted Mercedes SL600 Car and 300,000 gold shadow crystal pieces now being displayed in Dubai.
Custom cars are status symbols, and in Dubai the competition is intense. Around 2.2 million people inhabit the city, of which some 26,000 are millionaires or billionaires. This means one in every hundred people in Dubai is sitting pretty on a fortune, and, essentially, being filthy rich isn’t that big of a deal. So, the rich and infamous have to get creative with their cars, in a game of constant one-upmanship.


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    1. hahaha, I wouldn´t want to send that car to a valet parking, that’s for sure! I think that who ever owns something like this needs a whole royal army, lol, or keep it in a bunker. I love your comment, so funny, linda, thank you for the laugh.

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