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My Choice of Wedding Dresses for this Spring 2018

If you and your fiancé have decided to marry this year, no matter how busy you both are you have to use your imagination,  be creative, take your time to plan, look, shop around, refine,define what kind of wedding dress you wish to wear. Remember, this is hopefully one in a life time experience, marrying the love of your life! So choose wisely and do not give up until you find the wedding dress of your dreams.

Plan your day(s) of dress shopping. Look up all of the bridal shops within an hour of where you live/where you’re shopping. Look up their reviews online too- I recommend WeddingWire. Some shops are just awful and will ruin your whole shopping experience, and some are awesome. If you can, try to avoid the awful shops- trust me on this. And if your heart is set on a designer, of course look up what stores carry that designer. (Here’s something interesting to know: Bridal shops have to be a certain distance apart from each other to be able to carry certain designers, so if you’re looking for a particular designer, you may have to take a little trip. It’s a good idea to make appointments at bridal shops- many are even by appointment only. All the more reason to plan out your day!

My wild, exotic and vivid imagination is what made Julio Vino and Ines Di Santo and Martin Thornbag be my favorite wedding dress designers for Spring 2018!


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    1. hahaha, I´m glad you like it, Jim and I´m sure she will love it 🙂

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  1. They are all beautiful mom. I kind of regret not to have bought No. 4 when I got married lol, sexy and lean 💖💖💘💛😏

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  2. hahaha, the one you wore in your wedding was the most wonderful dress I´ve ever seen, honey, especially because it was you in it, darling 💖

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