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In This World It is a Sin to Be Fat…or…

It is a sin, a crime to be overweight, well not literally but people make sure to let you know you are fat and disliked by them.  And I am ranting because one of my best friends was called fat, and I am upset.

Although I agree that the more weight we put on the more distress we put on our bodies, but that is no reason to be hurtful towards people who have an eating problem. No one is perfect in this world, no one. Even the most handsome man or the most beautiful woman has something s/he needs to change or work on to be a better human being.

Torturing overweight people is one of the last acceptable forms of bigotry.

What’s the harm, you ask? If the women are fat, why object to being called that? Well what if the receipt had read group of cripples or three ugly guys? If it is the truth, then what is the harm… right? What if all of your receipts highlighted your appearance shortcomings? Would it be so funny then?

The lack of empathy and compassion for those dealing with a weight problem has become frightening. Yes, it is frightening that people feel it is fine to harass, insult, and bully an overweight person. This is the type of behavior you would expect from bratty out of control children or from ignorant and hateful uneducated adults.

Those who attack fat people are bullies and predators, pure and simple.

The fact is that you won’t make your light shine any brighter by blowing out someone else’s light. Pay attention to your own plate. There is not a doubt in my mind that those vicious bullies who pick on fat people are miserable and have lives filled with a history of rocky relationships. Those who are happy and content don’t feel the need to victimize others.

I think that we can be beautiful just the way we are if we have TRUE compassion and kindness in our hearts towards ourselves and others. And seriously, being ignorant and disrespectful just make people really ugly in my eyes. So stop the bullying, yes?


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    1. “but I don’t think we should stop using the word fat, “….. Yes, it is the misuse of the word we should stop. Using the word to be hateful that is. Thank you for comment, Laura 🙂

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  1. You know, I think I require a little more nuance… First, it’s never okay to be a jerk, but that swings several ways. On the other hand, overweight people unfairly tax a nation’s healthcare system – and for a Doctor who supports taxpayer-funded, government run healthcare, I would think you would have accounted for that in your post.

    Additionally, I will never, ever find fat attractive, nor will I accept it in my life. If someone else wants to live that way, fine, but I still think it’s gross. My wife is smoking hot so I don’t care who else lets themselves go. Fat is ultimately a choice (as is being a drunk, or in my case and ex-drunk) and I refuse to accept excuses that it can’t be helped.

    Whatever the intricacies, being a jerk about it, either way, is never acceptable.


    1. “and for a Doctor who supports taxpayer-funded, government run healthcare, I would think you would have accounted for that in your post.” ….. How do you know what kind of healthcare I support? Please, quote me, or I will let you know my stance on healthcare, dear Jim. You have no idea. What you just said is making my blood boil, my good friend 🙂

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      1. It was a comment from a while back… I’ll see if I can dig it up tomorrow. I didn’t mean to make your blood boil! My apologies.

        Either way, the point I made, that “fat”, for a lack of a better word, is responsible for a lot of preventable disease and cancer, stands.

        To use Canada as an example, because we (the US) just wrecked our push to nationalized healthcare (thank God), if I were Canadian and my liver failed, even after 25 years of recovery, because I went to treatment when I was 22, I wouldn’t be able to get on a list for a transplant. I would die.

        Interestingly, fat, that I’m aware of, is just as preventable but isn’t subjected to the same stigma – except socially.


      2. No, Jim, you will NEVER be able to quote me on me supporting nationalized healthcare, because I do not, I never have, ever. I own my Medical Service Enterprise worldwide and do not deal with governments, never have, never will. You probably assumed that because I don´t like Trump as a man. An advice to you, Jim: never assume, always ask questions before you think you are sure of something or create an opinion of somebody without knowledge.

        Ignorance is not bliss, my friend.

        Oh, and…the purpose of this post was not to talk about healthcare, it was about not being hateful as a human being. As a medical doctor my responsibility is to attend everyone, and when I have patients who want to commit suicide because they are called fat, retarded, stick or other hateful remarks, it is my obligation to try to stop the bullying as much as I can and save the lives of my patients.
        I understand that there are a lot of people who lack intelligence and enough education to understand what I say, and for that I am really sorry, since ignorance is also preventable, yes?

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      3. hahahaha Dr. Castro, who ever says that you support NHS is talking nonsense for writing without knowing, knowing you, doc. When I read that comment by the cyclist I almost called you up to know when and why you changed your position on healthcare, but I continued reading and saw your reply. What is more laughable is the person above said he´s sure he “can dig it up tomorrow”, well it is tomorrow and we don’t see anything do we.

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  2. Thanks for the article. It’s bad enough to judge people when we don’t know what’s going on with them, but for someone to actually think they have the right to shame anybody about their weight, insult them or make fun of them, it’s not the most arrogant and rude thing in the world, is insane!!! What happened to good old fashioned manners?
    ——excuse my english, it is my second language-

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  3. In my experience it’s the same people who are openly rude to overweight people who also hate cyclists and joggers – so those actively trying to manage their weight. I’ve come to the conclusion that they probably just hate everyone and so ignore them accordingly.

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  4. First of all, Thank you Dr. Castro for writing about a topic that is very sensitive. It is surprising to me how people are so shallow and only judge on outer appearances. I would never think of insulting someone´s Grandmother, Mother, Aunt, Sister, etc. I have noticed a total loss of respect for others as human beings. As a life long educator and competitive athlete who has won many competions, I have never and would never call someone “Fat” for any reason because members of my extended family had weight issues for many, many reasons. My love for them never wavered. It still does not. If all people care about is shallow looks, that is all they will have in their lives, a shallow life. That is fine, we are all different. If people use the excuse that money is tied to being fat, well people have to have money to buy food, yes. If healthcare is the issue and you are too poor to pay for it, too bad. Right? Live and let Live.

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