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Trump Spares Ivanka’s Clothing Line from Trade War with China

But, should fashion be involved in a “trade war”? I don´t take this report very seriously, but it is important to look your best at anytime in history, so well done, leave fashion out of trouble and trading politics 😉

Senior White House advisor Ivanka Trump is directly benefiting from her father’s decision to slap China with tariffs, in that she will be exempt. As ThinkProgress discovered buried in a Washington Post report, all clothing manufacturing companies will be exempt of the tariffs, including Ivanka’s fashion brand. U.S. officials claim that they used a technical algorithm to decide how to exclude which goods from the tariffs. The goal was to have “the lowest consumer impact” …

Source: Trump spares Ivanka’s clothing line from his trade war with China

5 thoughts on “Trump Spares Ivanka’s Clothing Line from Trade War with China”

  1. First, you’re right not putting any stock in that story. If ever there were a wretched hive of lying, manipulative vermin, Think Progress is it.

    Trump is looking to hit China where they cheat.

    That notwithstanding, anyone with Google can find out her products are also made in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. You would also find out that 97% of all apparel sold in the US is made abroad. This is a non-story if ever there was one.

    I think they call it fake news.

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