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How Do You Love To Celebrate Your Birthday?

Yes, we are born, aren’t we? Grow up few months and then, 365 day later: BAM! Parents, grandparents decide to celebrate your first birthday in this earth, “a especial day” they call it, a day none of us remember!

Needless to say: years go by, suddenly you are 7 and you want some presents in your birthday: mainly toys. When you are 16 things change, now you want to spend it with your friends, have a teenage party. Two or three years go by, now you are 18 or 19 and you want to celebrate your birthday with your sweetheart.

If everything goes fine in your life and you are “lucky” enough to grow older, twenties, thirties, forties….fifties anyone?! Then what? How do you really want to celebrate your birthday?

4 thoughts on “How Do You Love To Celebrate Your Birthday?”

  1. HAHAHAHA, auntie, I love you too, and didn’t add the wonderful seventies because the seventh decade is the new forties….. and…… you always look beautiful and elegant!


  2. Martha: I just voted “I don’t celebrate anymore” because my birthday was last Saturday and it was one of the most-boring birthdays I have ever had and the constant torrential rain didn’t make it any more exciting. I’ve decided to quite adding birthdays as they are bothersome. 🙂

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    1. Oh Linda, then we celebrate our birthdays in the same month!!! I wrote this post on Tuesday because my birthday was yesterday and didn’t feel like opening my computer on my birthday. My birthday is April 18, and yours, Linda? Since you said your birthday was last Saturday then it was on April 14?!! Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you from the bottom of my heart 🍰🍩🍧🍲🍹🍏🍓

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