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Travel Germany Eating Delicious Messy German Food


It is time for me to get ready to travel to Berlin, Germany this year, to attend to one of my annual Global Medical Events, medical conferences and symposiums I faithfully go every year, to continue to learn, to explore science and grow as a physician for the benefit of my patients.

Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Once the conference ends it is time for fun: going to the opera is a must, travel Germany, bicycling, eating the food. Just enchanting!


Germany is a beautiful seductive country, and one place I have to go whenever I visit is Bavaria. I am IN LOVE with Bavaria. I have family living there who are wonderful hosts to all of us who go.


The distance between Berlin and Bavaria is more or less 500 km, that will be about 5 to 6 hours driving an automobile. Leipzig is a place to stop to enjoy some food.  In Bavaria for example pork is very dominant but further in North Germany (Hamburg, Kiel) you should not miss out on the awesome fish dishes they have.



I savor weissewurst, schweinhaxen, spaetzle, saurkraut, The weisswurst breakfast is just wonderful, pretzels and all.  For desserts, I relish the germknodel, where poppy seeds have their heyday.  Everything is out of this world!

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  1. Good thing you ride your bike a lot Martha with all that heavy German food. I’ve never been to Berlin, but my father was German and we visited Germany twice (1969 and 1979) and traveled from Frankfurt to Bavaria. Frankfurt was just like any city but Bavaria was beautiful just as you said. We stayed in a chalet in the mountains both times. The little chalet was attached to a farm where they had cows and the farmer drove the cows out of the pen and took them past the bedroom window at about 4:30 every morning … all the noise with those big cowbells that hang around their neck. (In fact I brought home a souvenir of those cowbells that hang on the embroidered strap as I recall.) But at this chalet, they served these delicious homemade rolls for breakfast with the fresh butter from those cows, so who could get made at the poor cows? Those sausage sliders look good – can’t say I’ve ever had weisswurst for breakfast though. My mom and I used to get the wurst plat (probably not spelling that correctly but it was a platter of different sliced sausage lunch meat and a selection of rustic brad) … that was lunch every day, breakfast were those rolls and lots of butter and the heavy German dinners every night – I am sure we gained 10 pounds – as bad as going on a cruise! Safe travels to you Martha.

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  2. It must have been wonderful to have stayed in a chalet in the mountains! If there is something I love about Bavaria is its Alps, forestry roads. As I write I am smiling at what you said: gaining about the 10 pounds, lol, I am going to have to bike ride up and down the Alps.
    I love to read your comments, Linda. Thank you.

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