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What is your Favorite WordPress Blog Theme?


How and why do you choose the theme for your blog? Do you base your preference in a special kind of design, colors, lines, columns, sidebars, out of this world features,  widgets? Does it have to be versatile or simple, vibrant, humble, elegant, challenging,

We bloggers at WordPress  have a vast variety of themes where to choose and the best of all is that Google crawls its robots frequently and efficiently.  I prefer to be modern in my blogging, versatile with lots of features and coding, I love coding: html, and the future of  WYSIWYG in blogging looks exciting.



3 thoughts on “What is your Favorite WordPress Blog Theme?”

  1. I went with the simplest them (Twenty Ten) when I first started. I finally tweaked a few things (that archived posts was getting extremely long), added some photos and made the typeface bigger. I started to change themes but was a little intimidated. My theme is no longer available though – hopefully they don’t get rid of it.

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    1. Great way to explain how you started with themes, Linda, and that you feel comfortable with it.

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