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Exotic Gorgeous Out of This World Rare Beautiful Roses

This exotic flower is an heirloom rare White Black Red Tri-color Rose with white eye. It has won awards in different parts of the world: USA, Australia, Italy and others. It is considered a multicolored black pearl rose RARÍSSIMA giardino aiuola. Common name known as:

Someone admiring this rose said: “If a guy gave me one of these flowers, I would stay with him all my life” This rose inspires not only pure admiration, but love.

NOTE: The last picture is my hand and my miniature rose plant going fabulous this year, just fabulous!







5 thoughts on “Exotic Gorgeous Out of This World Rare Beautiful Roses”

  1. Roses are so beautiful and those are pretty awesome, but, I like your miniature rose the best. I have a few and they are great bloomers and look great all Summer. In fact, I have a pink miniature shrub rose that I got at the end of the season at a local nursery. The nursery was going out of business (bankrupt) and I got that bush for $1.00. Planted it, but didn’t hold out much hope as it was not in good shape and late in the Fall. I just Googled for a picture of this “Dream Cloud Shrub Rose” and could find a write-up only. So many of my bushes, and plants died during the Polar Vortex I and II (those back-to-back horrible Winters we had about 3-4 years ago) but this rose bush rallies on. It is getting scraggly looking as it the lilacs are crowding it out, but I don’t want to move it.

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    1. I am sorry to hear about the damage the the Polar Vortex caused to your bushes and plants. I did some Google to see your Dream Cloud Shrub Rose and I got this one: I hope you like it

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      1. Yup, that is it Martha – I should have Googled “Images” and just did a general search. If you are ever looking to add to your rose garden, this is a very hardy rose. When I first started gardening I bought tea roses and they weren’t hardy (for me anyway) and didn’t bloom all that much. One bloom, and you wait forever for the next bloom. I have “Home Run” shrub roses and they are fairly hardy, though after the Polar Vortex I, I thought they were goners. All brown and dead canes come Spring – it was April and no new growth. There is a gardening show on the radio, called him and he said to cut them to one foot and start over as you can’t lose since you were only going to dig them out anyway – they all came back. I’ve not replaced anything that died because there were too many – all my perennials gone, three butterfly bushes and a few bushes.

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      2. Oh no, all your perennials gone 😦 I am sorry. Nature is so wonderful, it always comes back. Nothing defeats nature, my friend.

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      3. That is true but it has been a few years and this year I am sorry to report that my clematis has finally bitten the dust as well – had three of them, and this one was one I planted on a pole with an ornamental bird feeder so my mom could see it from her back bedroom window. It did not look well last year, but this year – gone. The other two are already leafing out … I may be losing my green thumb Martha.

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