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Do you ever get tired of People’s Opinions in Social Media?

I do. That is why I love blogging. Developing a blog is so much more interesting and fun than social media. I have found out that people who do not blog or keep a journal, participate in interesting forums or write articles, become really poor in their process of thinking and their writing capabilities are an atrocity.


Blogging requires thinking, knowledge of coding, meta-tagging, and so much more. Some gray matter at work? Have you noticed the level of writing in Facebook? They do not know how to express themselves, they do not know how to write properly. I can’t be close (not even digitally) with people who lack the basic internet etiquette. It is disturbing and my brain cells are too precious for me to waste them in Facebook.

Have you ever talked to a person who only subscribes to social media and asked him or her about blogging? I have, and they are fools, sorry, but it is the truth. They know nothing about inserting coding html, meta-tags, which is so simple to do.

I use social media as what it is: a tool, not as my basic platform to spread word of business not to chat. I only chat with my connections and friends here, in my blog and LinkedIn. I prefer to keep my frontal cortex far away from those social media outlets and just use them as an instant connection thru my main blogging source.

Quality over quantity will bring you happiness and success.

2 thoughts on “Do you ever get tired of People’s Opinions in Social Media?”

  1. Quite honestly, I never knew that people spelled so terribly and used bad grammar until social media … the things people say, I am just amazed at as well, because they hide behind a profile pic which does not show their face and being incognito, they feel they can criticize others. (I realize I don’t have my picture as my profile picture, but I don’t have a recent picture, but I don’t make critical remarks on social media either.) Some people detail every minute of their day on Facebook and I really do not “get” that.

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