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When Your Patience Wears Thin

When Your Patience Wears Thin, what do you do? Some people do yoga, exercise, some others pray, others get so desperate they yell, behave erratically and dangerously. There is another approach people take: ignore their feelings and put them under the rug.

For starters, there are some persons who are truly patient and can take a lot of bad actions (betrayal, lies, etc) from others without saying a word, but eventually everybody’s patience wears thin, sooner or later. What do you do when this happens to you?

I usually grab my bicycle and go out for a bike ride myself, a long one, with the road full of steep-climbs and difficulty. When I come back I jump in the swimming pool and then relax and by then, my patience is healed.

Spending time in my farm and orchard with my daughter and grandchildren gives me great pleasure. I talk to the birds, plants, my livestock, I enjoy the sunlight rays. Enjoying nature fulfills my heart.

I re-read the Goodman and Gilman Pharmacology book and spend hours creating medical hypothesis and even theories that I have proven right and published.

Playing my guitar, singing my favorites songs —Photo; George the cat – Ayleen O’Hanlon

What do you do when your patience wears thin?


2 thoughts on “When Your Patience Wears Thin”

  1. I try to get out for a walk, but if it is the middle of the day, I hate to tell you that I fret and stew … that is not a healthy solution though. I like the idea of a long and rigorous bike ride though.

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  2. We all cope with our feelings and emotions in different way. I think it is perfectly ok that you fret and stew. I have done it myself too. Just remember my messy food I love.


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