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Rescued Kitty Cat Brings Joy to all Members of my Family

I found this beautiful kitten, abandoned, with lots of fleas, dehydrated, malnourished in the middle of a very hot  day, with a temperature of 86 to 90 degrees. But now he has a home, lots of food, a roof over his head, protection, much love and lots of humans and cats to be and play with.

I am so grateful with the universe for bringing this angel to my life. For he won’t feel hunger nor fear anymore for the rest of his life.

I Love You Little Angel

I placed this shoe size 7 to have an idea of how small he is:

He is so skinny now but he is eating, drinking and resting.

5 thoughts on “Rescued Kitty Cat Brings Joy to all Members of my Family”

  1. How sweet and how tiny he is Martha. I could tell he had been undernourished as he seemed to “all ears” in the first picture. And look when you put him near the shoe and the big food bowl. He will thrive with your care. My friend Carol, who lives in rural New York, has three cats of her own, but also shelters feral cats. There are many in the neighborhood. She does not take them into the house, but has built shelter boxes for them on her back deck and in the Winter, she puts heated pads and straw in there, and has heated food and water dishes. Like you she has a soft heart, and she pays for all vet bills for them, when they are old enough to get the feline leukemia tests, any shots and a checkup. She traps them and takes them to her vet and if they are okay after all this, they are put up for adoption in a feral cat adoption site. I wrote this story about one such cat Carol took care of – I just sent this to a fellow blogger last week as she has several rescue cats.

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    1. I feel so happy knowing that there are tons of people caring for others (people, animals, nature) in this world. It is the goodness what makes the world go around.
      I love the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote!

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      1. I feel that way too Martha – it makes my heart glad to see it. I had to share the Dewey story with you since you have rescued your new fur baby, and then the duckling story was so cute, well … I just knew it would make your day, like it did mine. I like Emerson … it is so true what he said.


  2. So cute, the story I had to share it myself. Thank you, Linda for sharing delightful stories and experiences 🙂


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