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This is truly a lovely story that my friend Linda shared with me today. After reading it I couldn’t help myself but to share it with you as well.
“Love makes the world go around”—Dr. Martha A. Castro N.


I so love ducks 🦆 🦆’s. So this story stole my heart. Mama Duck made sure not to put all of her eggs in one basket so to speak. Smart Lady!!! A nature photographer noticed a Mama Duck with many, many, many babies following her. Read below for more on the story. I ❤️ 🦆,🦆,🦆, 🦆 ‘s!!!!!!! Photographer Brent Cizek […]

via MAMA OF THE YEAR! — MS Lucky Duck

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  1. Aww – thanks so much for mentioning me Martha and most especially for sharing Ms. Lucky Duck’s charming post. Who could not resist smiling when they read how this Mama Duck is herding a whopping 76 ducklings behind her? God bless her! – Linda

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