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One of the most Valuable Habits you can have is to Live in the Present

“To live in the present is to acquire peace in your heart,
It is to admire nature and the moments you spend in this life.
Appreciating your family time
for each second we share, never apart” —MACN© 

 –Dra. Martha A. Castro Noriega©


3 thoughts on “One of the most Valuable Habits you can have is to Live in the Present”

  1. Well this sure is true Martha (even if you are like me and have no family and you just spent time getting away from it all). I am still at work, and have had just a endless week at work. I am looking forward to the weekend just to air out my brain. I am quite behind in Reader too.

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    1. Oh dear, a lot of work and with this heat. I hope you get to have a wonderful weekend to relax, enjoy and be recover from the exhaustion. We are in touch, Linda.

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      1. Thanks Martha – you are right … it is nice to be connected with you and others here on WordPress, especially for me as I have no family, work from home so no interaction with people except through my walks. I’ve not seen my boss since 2012 (I know it is unbelievable). I was on the phone with him 1 1/2 hours today while he was dictating from Florida. I am happy for the weekend – stretch my legs and my mind.

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