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My Favorite Place to Travel in November 2018

November is a wonderful month to travel. Since cooling temperatures are arriving in the northern hemisphere and they will stay here for several months, traveling to a country where I am going to find warmth and colorful ambiance is my priority. The southern hemisphere is in spring now, but there are other cities in the northern hemisphere that sound appealing: like Texas or Palm Springs if you don’t want to travel far away.

If you are a serious traveler: Argentina and Bermuda are perfect for this time of the year.

Spring in Argentina can steal your heart. Argentinian food will satisfy the most sophisticated palate.


Food in Argentina Beef and Wine


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Place to Travel in November 2018”

  1. I have a friend in Argentina, Ariel, who is always sending me mouth watering pictures of steak; they love steak in Argentina. Right now, he is sending me pictures of cookouts at the beach (I am so jealous.) Palm Springs is also a lot of fun in winter, I have been a few times.


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