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Beauty in Chris Louboutin Manolo Blahnik Shoes 4 Outstanding Photos

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Chris Louboutin Shoes on the Tracks!

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Shoes are a design statement, pieces of art: e.g. Manolo Blahnik, Prada, Jimmy Choo, and of course, my favorite, Chris Louboutin.
At their best, they are a design statement, pieces of art almost.

The classic Louboutin style is the Pigalle, which is basically a very sophisticated pointed pump.  It rarely goes on sale around the world, even the seasonal colours usually sell out long before the sale even begins and if you’re after the nude or black, expect the prices to go up almost year on year.

Not all Chris Louboutin’s are high heels. He has created divine  Velvet Venetian Loafers that are chic and comfortable.

In my opinion, Christian Louboutin’s are the most luxurious and alluring shoes in the world. Their elegance makes any woman’s legs look like a piece of art, sensual and attractive, giving the whole body that look of independence and power any modern woman loves to wear. A fetching combination!



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2 thoughts on “Beauty in Chris Louboutin Manolo Blahnik Shoes 4 Outstanding Photos”

  1. I am 5 ‘ 9″ tall – I’d be recruited for a basketball team if I wore those elegant pumps Martha. I have worn very high heels, not quite that high, back in my earlier working days.


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