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10 Things I Hate About Christmas

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10 things i hate about christmas

10 Things I hate about Christmas

  • 1. I hate it that original Claymation Christmas stories have gone out of fashion!
  • 2. I hate it that I can only find the best Christmas candy cane ONLY this time of the year.
  • 3. People calling Xmas decorations “decs”. Nearly as bad as writing “Xmas”
  • 4.  I dislike it that we only have a major family (from all over the world) get-together in these holidays.


  • 5. Struggling to find the perfect gift for everyone…especially for those who I call the “Perfect Gift People”
  • 6. I definitely do not like it that my cats and kitties destroy my tree and tree ornaments EVERY YEAR! ( haha )

christmas hate 2018

  • 7. I dislike it that Santa Clause come home only around Christmas Eve. He should work more often, spreading the jolly feeling through out the year!
  • 8. I don’t like it that I can only put my snow globes on display one time a year. I mean, I could have them all year round but it’d ruin the magic, huh?
  • 9. Since I am a bit impatient, I don’t enjoy wrapping Christmas gifts. It can take a lot of time (lack of practice lol)

  • 10. Where do you stand on egg nog: do you love it or hate it?

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my patients, my website subscribers, contacts and followers all over the digital world.    🎄🎋🎇🎍🎄🎁

You are a blessing in my life and I wish for you and your loved ones a jolly time full with love and perfect health.


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10 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate About Christmas”

  1. That’s a beautiful sentiment Martha – I liked the cats wearing their ornaments. I love egg nog and if I’m going to have it, it will be once a year and the thick, stand-your-spoon-in-it-custardy type. I just had a glass and a half of it (how decadent) with cookies. Soon I will waddle off to bed, feeling like some of those squirrels that you see feasting on the seeds at the Park.


    1. AWWWWW, how can anybody hate this little wonderful, cute, sweety thing?! As far as I’m concern this feline snow ball can break all the Christmas ornaments he/she wants!


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