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Strong Mind Equals a Powerful Life – Post 338

Strong Mind



Life is full of wonders.

Things happen in life that are out of our control. Some are good, some others are bad and they inflict happiness or pain in our hearts. If we haven’t built a strong mind we might react in a negative way and feel like we are losing control of our lives when they affected us with harm.



Fear, doubt and worry are feelings that could help you evolve and conquer, or destroy you in the heat of the moment.ย  When the going gets tough, it takes a special kind of mental toughness to fight those emotions. You need a personal reminder to strengthen your mind, because no matter how great the challenge, yourย  can be greater.

Albert Einstein explain in this quote what a powerful mind can do to your well-being, your health and even your wealth:



A Lee Boyd Malvo quote:

Mind over matter. Weak minded people are easily influenced. Powerful minded people you can’t break their will.ย  ย  —ย Lee Boyd Malvo


That is why is so important that we refresh our mind day by day with positive thoughts, beautiful images, proper information, joy and gratitude. There is a lot of truth to what it has been said about “peace of mind”.


A mind in peace can function and accumulate better thoughts than a mind in constant battle and disarray. Consequently that mind will make better decisions, decisions that will influence positively once life.

Remember now: Build a strong mind to have a powerful life!



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