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Important Events and Famous Birthdays on February 7 Have Fun!

Important Events February 7

Many important events happened on this day. But the ones that I consider to be of relevance for our day and age are the following:

  • 1918 Great Britain grants women (30 & over) the vote
  • 1935 “Monopoly” board game goes on sale for 1st time
  • 2018 Elon Musk’s company SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy, world’s most powerful rocket
  • 2012 6.9 magnitude quake hits near the central Philippines with 43 confirmed deaths
  • 2013 A magnitude 8.0 earthquake occurs off the Solomon Islands coast causing the death of nine people
  • 2018 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Hualien County, Taiwan, leaving 10 dead and over 50 missing




Ashton Kutcher, 1978


important events


The one and only who inspired one of my favorite shows on TV: (LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE)

Laura Ingalls Wilder, who wrote the book and Michael Landon brought it to live to the screen.

BORN ON 1865



Charles Dickens, 1812


IMPORTANT NOTE from Dr. Castro:

Please don’t assume that I am a Democrat or Republican just because I write or mention my admiration about certain people who are registered as such. I am neither. I hold no rigid political affiliation.

I admire the human being, no matter his/her political affiliation, religion or lack thereof.

I am a true freedom thinker who do not like labels. I don’t follow hypocrites. I admire what I think it’s admirable to me, and criticise what I sincerely think has to be denounced as a bad policy, error or a crime.


Dr. Martha A. Castro Noriega, MD

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3 thoughts on “Important Events and Famous Birthdays on February 7 Have Fun!”

  1. I do like Laura Ingalls Wilder, but I think Michael Landon really did her books a favour by really bringing tolight if in a fictional way life after the Civil War on the prairie from the point of view of a little girl.
    Charles Dickens has some great stories but my favorite writer Virginia Wolf criticised his lack of depth in his characters. To each their own, I guess. I do enjoy A Christmas Carol each year in the form of a movie.


    1. I agree. Laura Ingalls book, autobiographic, interesting, but it would not have been successful without Mr. Landon’s wisdom. Little House on the Prairie series appeals to everyone, even to the agnostics or non-religious.


  2. Dr. Castro, I always read your posts. I love it that your website focuses on lifestyle issues. Please, don’t stop writing and sharing your opinions and knowledge with us.
    I love the birthday and events posts and what you choose to share.


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