Deceptive ” Health Advisers” in Social Media and Websites Promoting Fear – Part 1



Just like when you want to see a medical doctor, you want to make sure that you are consulting a true qualified graduate medical doctor, don’t you? You want to see his medical license and maybe you check him/her out on the Internet or even call the medical board of your state/country to corroborate that s/he is in fact a physician.




And that is how you should behave when you navigate in the internet, exactly the same way. You should always make sure that the person giving advice has the proper qualifications and professional training in the field you want advise or guideline.



There are thousands of people in social media and all over the Internet that want to make a quick buck, and they use their expertise in advertising to start a digital business promoting health products, physical therapy treatments, “health magazines” that have damaged a lot of people who are desperate for a “cure” and they haven’t found it in traditional medicine for different reasons:



  1. Graduate medical doctors who are not well trained.

  2. Lack of interest by the healthcare provider in the benefit of the patient.

  3. Medical doctors who just care about billing the medical insurance for pure profit.

  4. Physicians who never had an excellent qualified expertise attending patients as a whole.

  5. Physicians who do not keep on studying the newest medical advances and do not keep up to date on medica scientific advances.


advisers of health


Even the most credible information found online is useless in the absence of expert physician evaluation and diagnosis. Tell your doctor you fully trust what you have read online. Email them the article that’s captured your interest, or print it out and bring it to your next appointment. A good doctor will walk you through it.



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9 thoughts on “Deceptive ” Health Advisers” in Social Media and Websites Promoting Fear – Part 1

  1. I saw a patient yesterday who came to my office with her diagnosis she made for herself in Dr. Google. She wanted me to treat her for migraine. 36 years old, she had never been treated for anything else than the common flu and a broken wrist in her teens.
    I proceeded to take her blood pressure, it was 186/ 110 mm/hg. Well, we know now that it wasn’t migraine, don’t we?.
    It is really dangerous what people are doing these days. Relying on the internet for diagnosis and treatment.
    There should be more article like yours, doctor, to inform people. We know that many medical doctors aren’t following protocol. And that would be very interesting to analyze why.


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