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Terrible Fire Consuming Notre Dame Cathedral – A #380

I had the joy to have visited the Notre Dame Cathedral in 2005, 2012 and 2017. Now, I find out through breaking news that this iconic building which began being built in the XII century, in 1163 and finished in 1345 (it took almost 200 years for its final construction) is being burnt during remodeling.

Needless to say that all my family, my daughter and our extended family are with the French people and Parisians.


notre dame france paris




A fire has engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, one of the city’s most iconic sights.

The fire began at 6:50 p.m. local time Monday, the Paris fire department said, and continued to burn hours later.




A French firefighter official told reporters the main structure of the cathedral has been saved and the two iconic main towers are intact and have been saved as well.

French Mayor Anne Hidalgo said that authorities were evacuating people from buildings in the area — including homes close to the cathedral.




L’incendie est parti peu avant 19 heures dans les combles du monument historique le plus visité d’Europe. Après quatre heures de lutte, les pompiers semblent maîtriser les flammes.

Les deux tours de la cathédrale sont sauvées, mais deux tiers de la toiture sont ravagés. Emmanuel Macron, qui a reporté à mardi son allocution, s’est rendu sur place.

De Washington à Berlin, partout l’émotion est grande.




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7 thoughts on “Terrible Fire Consuming Notre Dame Cathedral – A #380”

  1. It was indeed a terrible evening as this cathedral is deeply embedded in everybody’s psyche, whether or not one is a believer. I have very emotional memories about being in this church since I was 18 and it was very distressing to see on tv the building going up in flames so quickly. I hope I can listen to an organ recital there once again soon.


  2. It is so sad – I was watching a video online of people gathered around in a vigil and weeping … to last all these years and it may be related to the restoration that was going on. Hopefully they got the relics and artwork out safely. I wish I would have seen it in its glory.


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