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President Trump Wants a 1% Fed Rate Cut…Are You Kidding Me?

Most of the time I don’t talk about financials or the global economy.

You might have noticed that my blog is about general lifestyle topics, and these ones include everything I live, like, do, think, etc. But economics is kind of boring for some people, that is why I haven’t written about it. That is until now.

We are living interesting times, that’s for sure, when lots of things are changing around us and all over the world.

Today, for starters, I would like to address some monetary issues that concern the stock market and the Federal Reserve.

President Trump and Powell Fed Reserve


president dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico


One question: If the economy is doing so well, why do the rates have to be cut?

president dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico


In the meantime, let me quote President Trump:


“They must Cut Rates bigger and faster, and stop their ridiculous quantitative tightening NOW” Trump boomed, even though the Fed ended their “ridiculous quantitative tightening” LAST WEEK.


NOTE: I really like to talk about a lot of things, and have many activities and things I like in my life, apart from the love of my life: the science of medicine. And economy and financial affairs is a topic that interests me a lot and have found to like it very much.

6 thoughts on “President Trump Wants a 1% Fed Rate Cut…Are You Kidding Me?”

  1. I listen to a lot of leaders around the world and they all say their economy is great at the same time rates are being cut and trade wars ongoing. I prefer to look around and I see homeless, stores closing, and people telling me they are out of work; that is the real news and economy and it is not good.


  2. We haven’t had it so good in the 22 years I’ve been in construction. Not even close. Trump may be a pain in the ass but I can’t wait to vote for him again. Keep America Great Again vs. “Free Stuff and Crappy Economy”? It’s a no-brainer.


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