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What is Your Favorite Social Media Outlet? – A 434

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Social Media, Blogging or Both?


I have a passion for blogging. Writing a blog post is interesting and imaginative.

I love creating, innovating, inventing, and blogging gives me that. I can create my own CSS, coding, editing and exploring website themes designs.

I do not find any kind of mental reward in social media, very interesting nor challenging.

I think that it has been  made for people who don’t like thinking and like gossiping, fighting constantly and posting a life they are not really living: a fake one. No wonder Facebook is frequently called: Fakebook.


social media dra martha castro noriega tijuana usa mexico



Plus everything in those outlets has been created for them. All the users have to do is upload photos, videos and write, in many cases, frivolous or offensive updates.

I find social media boring and frankly, kind of idiotic and manipulative in most cases. Don’t take me wrong. I use many SM outlets, but I am not active, find them boring.

I mainly use Linkedin and Pinterest.  But WordPress is my favorite website platform, hands down!

What do you think? What social media platform do you prefer or use the most?

Here, there is a list, but if you have another one you prefer and it has been real good to you, let us know in the comment section.










Tik Tok


social media dra martha castro tijuana




4 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Social Media Outlet? – A 434”

  1. FB or FraudBook… no wondrous time and when you’re erased from social networks paradise is here🙈🙈🙈😈😈😈👍👍👍


  2. I use WordPress and Instagram as a depository for my painting but I don’t take them too seriously. The same painting that receives 24 likes on WordPress will receive 900 on Instagram, which is an interesting social variant. I have met a few good people to interact with which is enjoyable for a wilderness hermit such s myself but not a necessary part of my life.


    1. It is fantastic, that you receive such a high number on likes in Instagram. But like you say, it is important not to take them too seriously. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.
      I do miss the forums that were very popular few years ago. They are still around, but they are practically empty.


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