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5 Things I Love About Hypocrites

hypocrites dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico california america


    1. Hypocrites have “taught” me to be more careful about trusting so easily.

    2. They have shown me that the world can be beautiful without them in my life.

    3. I am stronger because of their hypocrite self-righteous judgement.

    4. I love it that these people get offended by the truth.

    5. I have learned to appreciate and love the people around me who are truthful, straightforward honest and never deceive me.


The cause of hypocrisy originally stems from insecurity.

Selfishness is a form of insecurity because an overly selfish person needs to take advantage of or withhold resources from others, since they don’t believe they can live their best life being generous and honest.


That implies that they have less trust in their ability to live a comfortable life, meaning they are insecure about their skills.

According to this logic presented, hypocrisy really only originates from insecurity if the two mains causes are insecurity and selfishness.


hypocrites dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico california america


“People dislike hypocrites because they unfairly use condemnation to gain reputational benefits and appear virtuous at the expense of those who they are condemning –when these reputational benefits are in fact undeserved,”

Explains psychological scientist Jillian Jordan of Yale University, first author on the research.


hypocrites dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico california america


13 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About Hypocrites”

  1. Hypocrisy or double‑facedness is the evil characteristic of the person who assumes an outward appearance and simulates a behaviour that is contrary to his inner state. For instance, one may give an impression of friendship and affection and pretend to be sincere and sympathetic, or show to apparently follow a faith or creed, while in his heart he harbours an opposite feeling. Such a person displays sympathy and friendship in front of people, but is different or opposite in their absence.
    Being around hypocrites can teach one a lot about life and grow stronger, that’s for sure.


  2. I like this quote of William Hazlitt: “The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy”.


  3. Wonderful post, social interaction is a delicate art. Fortunately after 22 years of wilderness living I’m not confronted with it that often.


      1. I personally love it. An artist that comes to look for the family from the IRS tells them that it was very hard to find them because they live OFF THE MAP, and he likes the way they living so much that he never goes back to the city and stays with them. This artist tells the father of the family at some point in the movie: “you are really very rich, because you own your life, you don’t owe anything to anybody, you own everything…”—-something like that.


      2. Many many thanks for the link Martha. What a great statement and it’s true. I dreamed of this lifestyle when I was 7 years old and finally did it at 48 when I retired from medical engineering. I think we all have what I call the strong pull towards home, the trick is knowing where that is.


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