Rant of the Day: Do You Really Care? 1st. Lady Melania Trump Brutal Honesty?!


Sometimes we say: “we do care, we feel sorry for…” this or that, but what do we actually do about it?


We just open profiles in social media to fight, complain, start insulting others who don’t see the things the way we see them, we get annoyed, start  ’causes’ (a waste of time) that in many cases are used to defraud others or to appear to others that “we are a good hearted community”.



People get into weird communities or ‘friending’ fanatical eating ‘fascists’ like vegans, cyclists, theists, atheists or animal intolerant /aggressive /fanatical rescuers who only hurt the same beings they are ‘trying’ to help: the animals (this topic requires its own post).


NOTED: I said “fanatical,etc”. There are many animal rescuers who deserve my total admiration and respect. I do rescue animals myself.


Do you really care? Sometimes I feel like wearing Melania Trump’s infamous coat: I don’t really care, do you? REASON: Just to take some weight off my shoulders for a day. Otherwise I might wear it in a daily basis 😊🙃😉😮


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Andrew Harnik/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9723857k)


Dr. Martha Castro Noriega, MD


7 thoughts on “Rant of the Day: Do You Really Care? 1st. Lady Melania Trump Brutal Honesty?!”

  1. Great post! I love the quote When people treat you like they don´t care, believe them. THAT is the truth.


    1. hahahaha, Cycling fanatics continue to rock and roll along with the cycling atheist! LOL. It is so much fun to talk to you, Alex. How long do we know each other and have been chatting across the pond? 12 years or so?
      It is so nice talking to you again, my good friend.


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