Messy Disheveled Men & Women Hairstyles that are just Fabulous … and a Quote!

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There are several hairstyles that look good in men and women. There are all sorts of styles that are just darling, really sexy hairdos that look great on you whether you’re a man or a woman.

This week I will focus on the messy ones.

Just take a look at these gorgeous hairstyles. You can style your hair like this when you go to a casual party with family and friends and still look amazing and very fresh.


Have in mind that to wear this kind of hair you have to dress very chick, casual but stylish, appropriate shoes and perfume or cologne that smell fresh and clean.


Quote: “Curly hair is not just a hairstyle: it’s kind of a lifestyle. There is something really free and careless about it and loose and kind of naughty. I love it.” —> Inbar Lavi

This man style is just dreamy, and it would look wonderful in a woman too.


Disheveled or messy hair doesn’t mean unattended or not well-taken care of your hair. Au contraire! You get a hair-cut of your liking, but make sure to tell your stylist that you want to wear your hair disheveled once in a while, on the weekends or when you are not working, so s/he can cut your hair the right way. I prefer it wavy.


Messy, shaggy hairstyle for shoulder length hair



This fresh look is perfect for men or women…minus the beard if you are woman, of course!



This style is also great for both sexes. By the way, what’s up with the beard lately?



Look at this one. Purrrrfect for both genders, huh?

And again…that beard!





Even Juliette Binoche loves messy hairstyles.

And she looks gorgeous. 



Dr. Martha Castro, MD


8 thoughts on “Messy Disheveled Men & Women Hairstyles that are just Fabulous … and a Quote!”

  1. Good lord those men are gorgeous! I am glad you put a medium haircut that is messy because I like the medium cut and of course Juliette Binoche looks great in any hairstyle!


  2. I’d have to disagree with the fella in the suit… that looks like the man-bun, and that is NEVER okay. Ever. On any guy. Ever.


    1. I would say that a man with shaved legs is NEVER okay. Ever. On any guy. Ever. Even if he’s a bicyclist. But I wouldn’t. I have an open mind.


      1. And I would say that thankfully it isn’t up to you, and my wife would most vociferously disagree with you. It’s all good though. You can have your man-buns and I’ll continue to laugh at those who wear them.


      2. No. Don’t do that. Laughing at others It’s unkind and you become an ugly bully. Offending people is not nice. I’m italian. Live in Italy. I love long hair in men. They are gorgeous and they are okay.


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