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Understanding How Stress Works in Your Life: When it is Good, Until it is Not!

Stress in your life:


It is important to note that not all stress is bad. Everyone experiences a certain amount of stress on an almost daily basis, and it cannot be completely eliminated.


Stress becomes a problem when too much is experienced, and it has a negative impact on behaviors, relationships, and health. 



The term “eustress” refers to positive stress that is associated with improved performance and productivity. “Distress” is negative stress that is associated with performance decrement and negative health consequences.

The individual’s perception of the stressor and coping resources determine whether a situation is eustress or distress.



Some physical signs of stress can often be mistaken to be symptoms of some other issue. So listen closely to what your body is trying to tell you.




6 thoughts on “Understanding How Stress Works in Your Life: When it is Good, Until it is Not!”

  1. I like that you distinguished the two types of stress. Also, I think a lot of problems associated with stress, that’s distress, have to do with lacking the ability, and therefore practice, in dealing with it. I can handle a LOT of stress, (more eustress than distress) but that’s because I continually make (or strive to make, maybe) good decisions in regards to dealing with it.

    Nice post, especially that last placard.


    1. Jim, I’m sorry I’m responding 8 hrs later. Kind of busy today.
      A cyclist of your caliber has to endure a lot of “eustress”, which is excellent to keep a good body stamina and healthy brain. We cyclists deal with many obstacles and we convert them in our challenges and conquer them.
      And as you said: “more eustress than distress”. When we learn how to get to that point, well, we are in a good place in life. 👍💪


  2. Stress is not necessarily bad. In fact it can be uite healthy. There is an interesting TED talk by Kelly McGonigal about it:

    Handy thing to know, especially if you have a bit of stress in your life.



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