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Religion God Science Fear or Hope?

First Do Not Harm

religion dra martha castro tijuana mexico california americas

When we are born our parents or caretakers try to teach us what they were taught by their parents.

Most of us were told that there is a God in heaven and that if we are good girls or boys we will go there one day. Later (if our parents were kind enough not to scare us with the existence of hell at a very young age), when we grow up a little they tell us that there is a place with flames and very hot where people who misbehave go when they die.

Do They Exist?

religion dra martha castro tijuana mexico california americas

I think this idea of heaven and hell is taught in one way or another pretty much by all religions. Fear and hope.

I grew up believing in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Yes, Catholic, in Mexico. I even went 12 years to a Catholic school, full of beautiful, funny and sometimes angry nuns if anyone of us dared to upset them! But, seriously, I had a great time there. I remember my life being very happy at primary and secondary school with the nuns.

Remembering The Nuns with Love

religion dra martha castro tijuana mexico california americas

Then, when I went to medical school my brain started to ask many questions to science. I learned, My curiosity grew. I studied more and my questions expanded in number and complexity. Decades have gone by and I still have thousands of questions. I have found the logical answer for many of them, and yet, many still without an answer.

But it’s okay. Curiosity has made me learned so much about the brain and many other areas of science, that the more I learn the more doubts I have. It’s a beautiful curiosity vicious cycle!

…And I Am The Goddess? …. j/k 😇

religion dra martha castro tijuana mexico baja california americas

Yes, I do not believe anymore in what my wonderful nuns from my childhood and my parents taught me about their religious God. I am one hundred percent irreligious. But I don’t pretend to know the whole truth. Even science makes mistakes.

Dr. Martha Castro, MD

7 thoughts on “Religion God Science Fear or Hope?”

  1. Gracias por su visita, gracias, como he aprendido del bien de Dios (libro de curación) gracias, un nombre de su nombre es 99 (gracias) les deseo a usted y a sus compañeros humanos un hermoso fin de semana.!!!!!!!!


  2. When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

    And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

    Not an overly religious fellow and the whole religious institutional lot!

    But as Albert Einstein did say,

    “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

    So maybe let it be?

    Even Atheism is maybe a religious philosophy of sorts!

    The holy trinity for many is:

    In the name of
    the power
    the self
    the holy dollar!

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    1. hahahahaha, oh man, you made my day! btw, I love that song and The Beatles.
      I absolutely agree with you about the holy trinity (I think in my post I made a boo boo and wrote with 2 ll’s) Unfortunately is true. The holy dollar, the not very holy Mexican peso and all money around the world.

      Atheism in my personal opinion is in the religious coin. One side is theism, the other atheism.
      Lots of my friends don’t consider atheism as a religious philosophy.
      I prefer to be out of the coin.

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      1. Amen!
        Good for you!

        Be ever like Albert Einstein, an agnostic non-believer who believed in a Creator who really didn’t give a damn about his creations!

        As he would often state:

        Spinoza’s God….


  3. Just my two cents, but I do not like telling children Santa Claus is real(nor Krampus), the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. I would rather say they are fun things to think about at certain times of the year.

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