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I Love you with all my brain!

It is so romantic to say to the person you deeply love and you share your life with:  “I love you with all my heart”, isn’t it?

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The truth is that the heart, the organ inside our thorax and pumps the blood out and receives it back and so on, does not really love. It doesn’t have the capability, physiologically to feel love, hate nor any emotion.

The organ in our body that knows love is our brain, more specifically, the limbic system which is located in the temporal lobe. So wouldn’t it be more proper to say; “I love you with all my brain”? Ha! It doesn’t sound too romantic, I’d say.

love you dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico baja california los angeles usa

So I decided to look around and find out who, when and how all this love-heart started. 

I found out that it was the ancient Greek philosopher, Archimedes, the one who believed that it was the brain that pumped all the blood to the body and that the heart was responsible for thinking and  feeling. Oh boy, he was wrong! Therefore, saying, “I love you with all my heart” would be the most meaningful because that was where most of your feelings would be.

So the Greek poets used it like that and it became a romantic idiom that propagated all over the world and was translated into all languages.

What I think is that when we see a person we love our heart starts beating fast. Maybe the ancient poets thought that that was the emotion of love and so that’s how it started. But who knows, right? Maybe some of you do! If so, let us know, please in the comment section.