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Vice president Mike Pence and Mayo Clinic Acted Irresponsibly

It is ignorance and a disregard for human life by Vice president Mike Pence to have entered the Mayo Clinic without a face mask. The Mayo Clinic has a policy that everyone who enters the hospital has to wear a mask, but the Clinic allowed him to tour the premises without it. Everyone else was wearing a mask. Why was the VP not wearing it?

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The Vice president of USA is setting a terrible example to the citizens of America and actually to the whole world, in the middle of a pandemic. It is extremely irresponsible and dangerous for the patients he was visiting.

Even though he tests himself every 6 days and has no symptoms he could be spreading the virus; testing yourself today does not guarantee that you are coronavirus free the next day, unless you have been quarantined those 24 hours. The Vice president wasn’t tested the day before. And there is a 15 to 35% of false negative results for coronavirus.

covid19 coronavirus dra martha castro noriega

If it would have been my hospital, I personally would have told him to turn around and prohibited his entrance. The life of my patients and medical healthcare providers is a vital priority.

The Mayo Clinic should have not allowed him to enter the hospital without a face mask. The fact that they did is extremely medically irresponsible, an embarrassment for the medical community who are putting their lives in danger in the front line saving lives.

covid19 coronavirus dra martha castro noriega

Shame on you for allowing that man to walk around without a mask. Of all the institutes in the whole world, the Mayo Clinic should have strict protocols and adhere to them, no matter who it is that is visiting.

covid19 coronavirus dra martha castro noriega

This what some people tweeted:

“The Mayo Clinic was derelict in their responsibility to their staff and patients. They could and should have provide the VP a mask regardless of having advised him and his staff of their policy. This is where the double standard is harmful to all because no good example was set,” DFincher wrote.

“That’s not anywhere near good enough from the Mayo Clinic,” Andy Tharp wrote on Twitter.

“They can’t let him put everybody there at risk.”-“Why did Mayo let him in without one then? Shame on him, and shame on them,” Twitter user Carly Norman wrote.


11 thoughts on “Vice president Mike Pence and Mayo Clinic Acted Irresponsibly”

  1. It’s utterly bewildering … were they too afraid to insist upon him wearing a mask? Really? I just don’t know who is the more stupid. I would have hoped that they had more common sense than this.

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    1. Exactly my point, thank you for pointing that out! Is the Mayo Clinic afraid of them politically or financially or both, I wonder. In any case, it is dangerous and if they cannot behave ethically as doctors, then they can retire or do something else in life that doesn’t have to do anything with saving lives, since they don’t care.

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