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Are We Alone In This World Of Ours?

Well, I think it all depends how you look at it. People surround us, unless you live in the woods, people are all over the city and communities, right? But still, we can be all alone. Because loneliness can be physical or spiritual (mental loneliness for the ones who do not believe in a spirit inside of us).

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When we are born, we are born alone, and then we die alone. It’s in the time in between, when we grow up, develop into adulthood and elder age that we tend to feel or be alone.

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For the lucky ones, the ones who are really loved by their parents, relatives and friends, they get to part from this world surrounded by them and blessed by them. But many get to die…alone, physically, I mean.

Because many others, even though they have nobody with them in their final time on this earth, they die with a smile on their face showing a glory of peace. As a medical doctor I have seen these faces, when none of their relatives showed up at the end.

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Only me, as her doctor and two nurses around her, but she was so peaceful and content when she passed. Her last words were full with blessings to me and my nurses. Bless her soul. She was full with love inside of her. She did not die alone. And not because we, the three of us, were with her, it was because of the way she lived her life and respected herself, the way she loved herself.

This tells me that, even when people are surrounding you, you can be all alone. and if you live alone physically, but you have taken care of your mind and soul through out your life, you are NOT alone! But, you can have both, definitely! I have seen that too. And it’s wonderful when you can see that a human being has love all around him/herself.

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Maybe it’s like K.D. Lang sings in Constant Craving: “Even through the darkest phase be it thick or thin, always someone marches brave here beneath my skin.” My thought: that someone…it’s YOU!


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  1. Indeed, the loneliness of not recognizing the hundreds of people around you, or the loneliness of just not wanting to know those 100 people. I can never totally understand the ravings of the human mind, but I wish all people never to be lonely!

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