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Donald Trump Hate Groups Increase in America – San Diego Holds Many

BEFORE I START THIS POST, PLEASE READ: I am not affiliated to any political party. I am a free thinker and nobody owns me, nothing owns me. I owe nothing to nobody. So, no, I don’t hate Trump, I don’t love Obama nor vice versa. I just analyze publicly certain situations when I think they are out of control.

And United States of America so called president (yes, with ‘p’ lower case) is out of control. It is chaos reigning in the world right now. If there is chaos in the USA, there is chaos in the world, simply because the US has been the leader of the globe for decades. And that -chaos- is not good for the USA and it is not good for the planet.

I cannot call him “President Trump”, because he might have the title but he does not behave like one. I have no respect for him at all. He is crude, rude, low class, vulgar, even perverse. Yes, I have been quiet, but he has gone too far. He is absolutely and irrefutable out of his mind, saying things like “there is a vaccine for AIDS” …. WHAT?! When I heard this, how can I say it without insulting him badly? ah, no, impossible to find a decent word.

What I cannot comprehend is why there are still many people who believe the words that come out of his mouth and follow him to his rallies. He is not “going to drain the swamp” people, because HE IS part of the swamp. He gives tax relieves to his friends. He hasn’t revealed his taxes because he has powerful friends who protect him from doing so, because it is good for what ever they are doing with him and through him: M.O.N.E.Y.

Worst of all, he has created a climate of hate, terrible fear and death. Frankly, I am making this post as a statement of my opposition to killing and the suppression of life. As a medical doctor I have the obligation and responsibility to save lives, to extend the lifespan of my patients, I make their lives more comfortable and help them live with physical and mental dignity.

Trump, with the hate that invades his tiny little mind, is infecting humanity and it’s my obligation to say it so, as a doctor. As a medical doctor I oppose the use of choke-holds, I oppose brutality and aggression against ANY human being. I will NEVER agree to the use of deadly force to control any type of situation (those that many hate groups, consider it to be “normal”!) Those are excuses to kill because of hate and rage.


donald trump hate dra martha castro noriega

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: Hate creates sadness, anxiety, depression, physical illnesses that can threaten human lives. Hate produces a huge increment in suicide numbers, a terrible loss of lives. STOP HATE! It is imperative that we stop hate. Yes, one person cannot stop violence in the world, but we can do something pro-love, against fear, against hate in our neck of the woods. If we defend and/or save one life in our lifetime, oh goodness, it’d be a wonderful thing. Let’s try to do it. Just one, one at a time. Let’s teach our children love and compassion, not fear, not hate.

Let’s teach love and compassion

donald trump hate dra martha castro noriega

These are some reports about HATE GROUPS in the US since the Trump Era

White nationalist hate groups in the US have increased 55% throughout the Trump era, according to a new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and a “surging” racist movement continues to be driven by “a deep fear of demographic change”.

“Though the experts appear to understand the threat, they remain hamstrung by the Trump administration, which has hired members of hate groups into high-level positions and has on its staff people like Stephen Miller, the senior policy adviser in the White House who has long been allied with anti-immigrant hate groups,” it said.

The law center said the number of hate groups rose by 7 percent last year to 1,020, a 30 percent jump from 2014. That broadly echoes other worrying developments, including a 30 percent increase in the number of hate crimes reported to the F.B.I. from 2015 through 2017 and a surge of right-wing violence that the Anti-Defamation League said had killed at least 50 people in 2018.


List of organizations designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups

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17 thoughts on “Donald Trump Hate Groups Increase in America – San Diego Holds Many”

  1. Glad to see that I am not the only one to have such a low opinion of the man. You do not need a medical doctorate to qualify you to speak up against evil. You just need humanity.

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  2. Agree…but the media has gone out of it’s way to criticize Trump for everything, anything and nothing at all from the beginning. He won the election for that reason and I fear he may win again for he same reason. But I won’t vote for him.
    We are a Nation seriously decided because of the actions of BOTH sides. Worldview and politics is everything I fear!

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      1. Yes! No compromise, no negotiation, tribalism on both sides … voting a party line local, state and national.

        A case in point: CNN was pointing out racism at a Republican outdoor event. They zeroed in on a man with a rifle. But they only showed him from the back. A racist white man indeed! Trouble was when viewed objectively, the man with gun was definitely black.

        Is that honest, objective reporting?

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      2. Of course not, it’s not honest reporting. And I have noticed that all MSM of the world does it! Who to believe? Only my eyes now.
        I remember when CNN used to report that there were tons of decapitated bodies in Tijuana (about 8-10 years ago), that heads were rolling down the streets… hahahahahaha…..I am a devoted cyclist, fanatic, so much that I was living my house around 5:30 am and coming back from my daily bike ride around 7:30 or 8:00 am …. AND I did not see EVER a “rolling head” hahahahaha, seriously. Boo, Tijuana is so dangerous that a lonely woman could go out when it’s still dark in the morning and ride around Tijuana (alone again) and have lots of fun! Come back home safe and ready to eat breakfast and go to work. Geez! What purpose do they have in reporting such ugly news?

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      3. I grew up in the 40s and 50s and my God it’s nearly a miracle I’m still alive today. Just think of all that I’ve overcome. A congratulation is in order!

        I should not have survived at all. My baby crib was covered with bright-colored lead-based paint. There were no child-proof lids or locks on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets. And when I rode my bike, I had no helmet.

        I fell out of trees, got cut and broke bones and teeth — and there were no lawsuits from these accidents. No one was to blame but me…

        I made up games with sticks and tennis balls. I rode bikes and walked to a friend’s home and knocked on the door, rang the bell or just walked right in and talked to them…

        My generation has produced some of the best risk takers, problem solvers and inventors ever. We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility and we learned how to deal with it…

        And damn, somehow we made it.”

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      1. You’re welcome Martha – you know I am a Canadian citizen, living here on a green card since 1966. I don’t comment much publicly on the state of affairs but did comment to a friend of mine of 20 years’ duration. She is a staunch Republican and supports Trump. But when the Trump administration did not want to forward PPE supplies to our Governor because she was a woman and a Democrat and because he felt Governor Whitmer did not “appreciate” him, I had to say something to her and did and she told me to “have a nice life” … alas, we are not friends anymore and I rarely comment.

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      2. Oh gosh, that is sad, that a person can be so shallow and blind, and so brainwashed by politics that can give more importance to a political view than to a human being. Really sad.
        But what matters the most is that you spoke up and said what you thought it had to be said. It is healthy for you to do it and if someone really appreciates your friendship, virtual or person to person, he/she has to respect your point of view, kindly and without hypocrisy.
        It is hard to find people like this, but once in a while we find someone who accept us just the way we are. 🤗

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      3. If we can’t be who we really are and we only say what we think others WANT us to say, then we are pretty shallow aren’t we Martha? I am glad I said what I did and her comment just tells me I wasted too many years in this friendship. I never cease to be amazed by people and at least once per day I find myself thinking that and shaking my head.

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