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Delicious Peruvian Marmalade comes from…Smile Today!

This bear likes Peruvian Marmalade 😁

…from this gorgeous, exotic and easy to grow plant in your yard, farm or ranch:

Physalis Peruviana known as Cape Goosberry.-

Physalis peruviana is a plant species of the genus Physalis. It is originally from Peru. The plant and its fruit is known as uchuva (Colombia), Capuli (Peru) Cape gooseberry (South Africa, UK, Australia, New Zealand), Inca berry, Aztec berry, golden berry, giant ground cherry, African ground cherry, Peruvian groundcherry, Peruvian cherry, amour en cage (France, French for “love in a cage”), and sometimes simply Physalis (United Kingdom).

Despite its tart, cherry-like flavor, this small, orange fruit is actually most closely related to the tomatillo. It is exceptionally low in calories and contains several important nutrients such as thiamin, niacin and vitamin C.

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