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Shameless Promotion Wednesday for Everybody!



Wednesday, the day of the week for all of us to just put our links in the comment section and start the “shameless promotion” idea. I want it to be fun and rewarding for everyone!. Just write the URL to your website or any social media of your preference.

NOTE: I will be adding the links you write on the comment section to this post in the upper section, the beginning, for more Google crawling. I will start with my link for this week to show you.

Promoting your website is very important to make yourself known in the digital world. The more you market yourself, your website and your social media, the more Google crawling, the more visitors to your site you will get.

So, if you blog for fun, hobby, business, eCommerce or professional knowledge, or because you just love to blog and write your ideas and chat with people in the comment section, you need to let the world know you exist, and one very useful way is to use links and make that other blogs link you back.

I have reserved this day for promotion, indefinitely, as long as it gets a good response from you and you like it. Just give it time. Be patient. It works!

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  1. Many thanks and all the best for your great blog with wonderful tips for the reisner, almost like second eyes. Many thanks for your visit and blog follow. !!!! (Google always helps me with the translator.) because I like to write with links,))//(L))

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