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Motivation Tuesday: Never Stop Living!

These real, everyday people inspire me. Not the Lance Armetrongs, not the Serena Wiliams, not the Donald Trumps. People like you and me who live, love, work, think, help others, study, protect and fight for our loved ones. You and me. Maybe different in the outside, maybe different in our beleifs, our culture, race, but the same fighting hearts, the same wonders about life and questions about death.

Admirable Amputee Amateur Cyclist


Feranmi Okanlami, now a medical doctor, became partially paralyzed after an accident in 2013. He says adjustments for his disability during his training, like this standing in frame chair, helped him succeed. A new report finds variability in medical institution culture and protocols when it comes to supporting aspiring doctors with disabilities.


5th Grade Teacher Jessica Dehl


Stephen Haking about life. His greatness came from his brain, not from money nor political power.


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