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Tropical Fruit Of The Week: Rambutan

Or Chom Chom This stunning fruit has a flavor and texture similar to lychee, with a soft and juicy pale interior.

Easy to eat a bunch at a time, just peel away the thin outer layer to get to the good stuff inside.

You could also buy a few to keep around the house as decorations because they are one of the most exotic looking things in this world.

If want to lose weight, boost your energy, , rambutan may be the fruit you’ve been missing.

Rambutans are often confused for the better known lychee fruit because they both have red exterior shells and white, milky insides that are oval in shape. Rambutan fruit are native to Malaysia and Indonesia.

Called “NgoR” in Thai, this golf-sized, tiny red fruit is covered with “Velcro” hairs and when cracked open by squeezing it between your palms, reveals a seed covered with white and translucent texture.

You eat the fruit by chewing off the white texture of the seed, giving you a sweet and cool flavor with a mildly acidic taste. The best rambutans in Thailand come from the Surat Thani province where they were first planted in 1926.

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