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Saturday Night For The Free Thinkers: Let Us Think A Little?

In this gorgeous Saturday night, peaceful, with the sky so clear that I can see Jupiter and Saturn without binoculars, waiting for the Great Conjunction to happen on December 21th, 2020, this thought came to my mind: I cannot believe for the life of me that there are still apologetics for Creationism and Religion fanatics in this world of ours.

It is just logical. Using a little bit of math, simple mathematics. Nothing extreme, no rocket science involved:

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Night For The Free Thinkers: Let Us Think A Little?”

  1. Smiles Yes!

    Not Since 1522 The
    Of Jupiter
    And Saturn

    Dubbed By
    Science As
    The Star

    On 12.21.2020

    Which Only





    Of Science


    Itself To
    Show Science Is Real๐ŸŒ…

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      1. You are welcome, Dr. Castro Noriege: I’m just hoping that we can all build on our thoughts (and that the lesson plans I post provoke more citizenship thinking) to help build a kinder and safer world for all of us.
        Stay safe,


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