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Learning Wednesday: Face Masks Do Work Against Coronavirus Prevent Covid-19

Take care of your body: Remember that the best medicine is education and prevention—DraMacn

Different types of masks provide different levels of protection against the virus and users should base their choice on the level of risk they could potentially face.

Cloth masks prevent large water droplets from reaching you. The virus can still pass, but in such small quantities that your body can fight against it and help provide immunity.

People typically wear cloth or other face coverings that don’t completely prevent the virus from infecting the wearer, though medical grade surgical masks offer more protection.

Nonetheless, these don’t have the same level of protection as N95 or P2 “respirator” masks worn by many health-care workers.

Additionally, how we wear the mask matters, as touching it often and not completely covering the nose and mouth renders it ineffective.

16 thoughts on “Learning Wednesday: Face Masks Do Work Against Coronavirus Prevent Covid-19”

  1. I quite understand the cloth masks doesn’t really do much but the government should ensure that the protective masks is sold at a cheaper rate. That would be better. Nice post🧡

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  2. Yeah we are all over it at work, although some places are getting their staff to go onto the wings, but union are making noises about that

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  3. Very informative article. Most important thing is we need to wear masks keep social distance avoid gatherings, keep yourself clean ,eat healthy but still with all these think positive and good which is good for your immune system which need to work against all diseases.

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