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The Soul Of Earth: Mother Nature (Part 6) Have A Delightful Weekend!

Mother Nature is the great equalizer…

soul of earth mother nature motivation dr martha castro noriega mexico

“Middle age is the awkward period when Father Time starts catching up with Mother Nature”.— Harold Coffin

soul of earth mother nature motivation dr martha castro noriega mexico

I am always inspired by nature, by Mother Nature.

soul of earth mother nature motivation dr martha castro noriega mexico

I look at the animals, the trees, feel the wind around me and get all kinds of inspiration everyday.

soul of earth mother nature motivation dr martha castro noriega mexico

6 thoughts on “The Soul Of Earth: Mother Nature (Part 6) Have A Delightful Weekend!”

  1. Faux God LiveS iN Book
    Covers Real God Is Wind
    Eagle’s Fly 🦅 Yet True
    Still Trying my Best

    To Fit

    God in Words

    Literally Yes No

    Joke Literally Writing

    An 8.9 MiLLioN Free Verse
    Whitman Flavored Longest
    Form Poem Bible of

    My Own
    As Yes as

    i Am my
    Own Priest
    Of Thine Eyes
    Of Cosmos Order
    And Chaos Magic
    Of Art True in Writing
    “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    Housed in Several


    And So

    Many Other

    Avenues Just

    Seeds Innumerable

    Spread Around A Globe

    Yes Fully Illustrated With

    Over 100,000 Photos And

    Over 10,000 YouTube

    Songs And Other


    Arts And

    Sciences Public

    Dancing To Achieve

    Continuous Autotelic

    Flow Generating All

    These Creative Winds

    More Than Half

    The Distance

    Around The Globe

    In 89 Months Of Free

    Verse Dance Yes Yes

    As Fully Documented

    ALonG All The Way

    In 14,404 Miles

    Of Dance And

    8.9 MiLLion

    Words Of

    Song Closest

    i Have


    To Express God
    This Energy This

    Nature All Is When
    A Terrestrial Dance
    Moving My 242 Pound
    Body That Still Leg
    Presses Up To 1520
    Pounds At Age

    60 While like
    The Carpenter’s
    Song ‘Close to You’
    Plays And The Young
    Woman Follow me

    Around Town


    me By Voyeur

    Video To Gain

    Social Media

    Likes When

    my Body Gains

    Enough Balance

    To Take

    Flight on

    Land Seriously

    Writing A Bible

    11 Times Smaller

    By Innumerable

    Ghost Authors

    Over Centuries

    And Only


    On Water

    Is Kindergarten

    And i’m Still only

    Just Scratching

    The Surface Of

    All The Nature

    Of God in ‘Grade School’

    And God Yes If Any So-Called

    ‘Christian’ Gives me

    Any Flack it’s Worth

    Noting i Actually

    Read Their tiny

    BooK Now

    Go Back


    Read it

    Open it Up
    To Where You
    See John 14:12

    And Remember

    John 3:16



    For Greater

    Revision As i Will
    Freely Tell Them Read
    It Weep And Gnash

    Your Frowny

    Face Teeth

    If They Like

    Yet The FacT iS

    i Am Real

    And i


    My Own

    Dam Story

    Of HeLL And Heaven
    Both As True There

    Is the Sunny Side Up

    Version Of John 14:12

    And Hell Part Too

    Yes ‘The DarK

    Side of The Moon’

    It’s Kind Of

    A Tradition

    Sort Of A ‘Human

    Hero Archetype Story’

    ReaLiTY Again

    And Again




    Shall You Strip

    Off All Your Clothes

    Of CuLTuRE Spoon-Fed

    And Burn

    Now Until

    Your Butterfly

    Sprouts Wings

    Out of Cocoon

    No Hurry




    Now For WingS AGAiN

    Hehe So i’ll Wait


    You too… 😈 👼


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