Learning Wednesday: What Keeps Your HEART Alive?

The Coronary Circulation. This is the anatomy specimen of the Blood supply of the Heart.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Keep your heart healthy by nonsmoking, being active, breathing exercises, tryglicerides and cholesterol within normal limits, and having a stressless lifestyle.

Take care of your body: Remember that the best medicine is education and preventionโ€”DrMACN

13 thoughts on “Learning Wednesday: What Keeps Your HEART Alive?”

      1. Yes Love
        The Healer

        Love The

        Real God

        Love The

        Only God


        Real Our Flesh

        And Blood Touch

        This Healing Love

        With SMiLes

        Of Course

        We Feel

        So Much

        More Than

        Just A 3 Or 4

        Letter Word Only
        Shells With No




        To Feel The

        Of An



        Of LoVE Now
        To Give And

        Share Free For
        All With Least




        Of โ€˜The
        Childโ€™ Hehe

        And Only
        One Yoda For Real๐Ÿ˜Š


      2. *NOT Only
        One Yoda For
        Real See How

        Easy it

        Is For A Scribe

        To Screw Up A Book

        Of Love Leave

        One Word

        Out And

        Ya Get

        โ€œHoly Crusadesโ€

        And Blood Running

        On The Floors Of A

        Capitol Of Democracy

        All In The


        Of Two


  1. Perfect post for heart month Martha. My maternal grandmother died of a massive heart attack enroute to the E.R. and she had 8 siblings and all but one died of heart trouble. My mom had an arrhythmia, so I try to eat smart as best I can.

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      1. Thanks Martha – I hope so and was part of the reason I started walking as I was working from home and sitting too much! You make me feel better in this heart-smart month for sure!

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