Everything Goes On Sunday: Homeless People In Hollywood California Are Increasing (2 Short Real Videos)

Hollywood is not what it used to be: glamorous, clean, and rich. Now, you can see many homeless people living on the streets of Hollywood Blvd, right on the Walk of Fame.

Hollywood homeless sleep in front of the stores that are boarded up because they went out of business. But there are some areas of Hollywood where the homeless are starting to gather: at 4:17 minutes – and piles of trash are building up all over the streets: 1st at video at 9:07

You can even see piles of trash across the freeway. I think that this kind of problem needs to be addressed and exposed, so it can be solved. Trying to hide the problem won’t fix anything. California, just a state of the USA, used to be the 5th economy in the world. That big and powerful it was. Hopefully, sanity, health, and progress will eventually come back to this great city and state, soon.

People in California pay a lot of property taxes, and a great part of it should go to the street trash sweeping and cleaning. I guess, at this point, there is not enough tax revenue since businesses, stores and malls are just going out of business.

But this problem is not unique to California, other states have the same problem, like Chicago. This picture was taken on January 5, 2021:

homeless los angeles california chicago dr martha castro mexico america

19 thoughts on “Everything Goes On Sunday: Homeless People In Hollywood California Are Increasing (2 Short Real Videos)”

  1. Wherever Scarcity
    Comes In Societies


    “The Lowly”

    Are Seen

    As Trash The
    Fatted Golden
    Trump Calf No



    The Demagogue’s
    Name Becomes Ruler
    With The Minions Of

    The Socio-Economic
    “White Or Whatever”

    ‘Privilege’ Calls

    The Coming


    Of Their


    Too True

    Love Thy

    Neighbor Is More

    Than Platitude

    Or Religion

    So Is

    Feed The

    Poor Before

    The Zombie


    As Elite



    Apes Will
    Be Eaten No


    “Trash in
    The Streets”

    This Is Science
    Baby The


    Of Nature

    The Real God
    Of Karma Survival

    What Are “You”

    Without Your


    Clothes’ (Tools)

    What Do “You” Now

    (Not You in Particular)

    Think “You” Own As Privilege

    Now Honestly

    Just a Rhetorical

    Question More


    Than An Ant

    As Yes The

    Roach And

    Dragon Fly

    Feeding Off

    The Left-Overs

    Of Human Will


    To Exist

    300 Million

    Years More When
    No Sign Of Human


    Crumb Trash’ Is Left…

    So in Other Words

    ‘Coyote’ Feed


    Runner’ or
    Go Extinct… 🪳


    The Kind
    That Flies
    At The Speed
    oF LiGHT With No Wings
    True i Could Be Gone With
    The Flick Of a Switch

    Through This

    Fiber Optic Cable




    Starts To

    “See” Each

    Other As

    Garbage to Be
    Taken Out They
    Are “Culled” By Their
    Own Hand Right or



    Matter Left… 🐉

    Whether We Wanna
    Admit It Or Not This
    Human Extinction

    All Started

    When Humans in Groups

    Small Close to Naked

    Dancing Singing

    Thriving Together

    Giving Sharing

    More Than

    Taking Hoarding

    In Balance With

    Nature Foraging

    Hunting Gathering

    Were Forced Out

    Of Tents In America

    And Made to Build


    It’s Worth


    “The Sky
    Scrapes Back”

    Or Now Shall We

    Turn on “The News” 🦠

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  2. It is a sad and overwhelming problem. It needs to be discussed and the problem solved. People cannot be living in such squalor and disease. People need to talk opening about the poverty and accept it IS happening in their part of town.

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    1. Agreed. There is some sort of shame going around. Knowing that California was such an important and huge financial state, seeing the enormous homeless population all over, makes people who still got a job feel embarrassment and they avoid talking about it.
      Even the politicians DON’T want to talk about it and they say that “everything is ok”. Geez.
      I remember when I used to walk down Wilshire District in West Hollywood back in the 90’s with my friends, having fun and laughing in the middle of the night and seeing everything pristine. Those times are gone. Hopefully things will change.

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  3. The homeless and poor have always been one street away from the glamour of shops and condos. I think kirsty McAll did a song about it. But with so many businesses in trouble, the federal and local government needs to do a bit more than acknowledge the problem. In the uk we have a furlow scheme. This does not come out of any reserves. It is paid for by deficit financing. In short we borrow money just like paying on the credit card, which is a bit of Keynesian economics that allowed us to pay for ww2. Just like that we will spend decades paying off the debt. You probably need to do the same to keep your services running and support business.

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    1. So interesting, the data you are providing, Alex. Lots of people in America that are “right-wingers” hate Keynesian economics and say that is pure communism and they prefer Austrian Economics. Peter Schiff hates Keneys Theory and supports Austrian Theory: —-
      I love to talk economics, unfortunately, a lot of people are not interested. But if you are, I would love to talk more about it. It is interesting. Since I am an MD I never had the chance to study finances, but now that my life is all set, I study so many things like crazy, and one of them is economics. Too bad no many people to talk about it.
      What do you think about Austrian and Keynesian differences?


      1. The Austrian school talks sense most of the time. When I was doing my degree Friedman was the model that was still in favor. This is the model adopted by Thatcher, with interesting results. Apparently she was doing it wrong and she never truly took control of the money supply. Anyway, this article is definitely pre-covid.

        I think the problem is that Keynes has always been a poster child of the left. His economic theories were designed with a special situation in mind. WW2. How do you finance something like that? Unfortunately post war governments attempted to use deficit financing to fund post war growth, something that it was never meant to do. In any event, we all use deficit financing. In fact, it paid for the American dream. Credit cards. These allow people to pay or things now and repay at a later date, or to take out a redit plan to pay for what you need now. Most people are sensible and will only use a credit card to pay for emergency bills, like the car needing work. Other people use plastic to fund extravagant lifestyles. But this is all part of fueling consumerism, which is an integral part of American economic thinking. It sort of goes like this. You need to work hard and get a good job so that you can go out and buy things that you don’t necessarily need. You then work hard to get the next extravagant thing. There is a lot of pressure to appear to be wealthy and to show off your purchases as much as possible. There is therefore a lot of pressure on people to spend money, even if they don’t have it. Keeping up with the Joneses as economic policy.

        This is all well and good, but what do you do when you are a government that needs to spend money to keep jobs and to stave off mass starvation? You can not let the economy plummet or you could see some major third world issues. So you do the same as somebody using the plastic to repair a car, or to pay the rent between jobs. There is the hope with any debt that you will be able to make good once you get into a new job. Economically we are in the same situation. Covid will pass eventually and you will need to keep your economy ticking over until you get to the stage of re-opening your country for business. With no money coming in the only thing that you can do is borrow to fund services and secure industry. This is not communist, or left wing, this is a consumerist strategy of borrowing on the plastic. Keynes is not an economic model that works during normal times. But during exceptional times, when you have already raided the piggy bank, it works just fine.

        In good times the UK has used the Austrian model. It has also used a mix of Monetarism and Keynesian economics. The bottom line is that nobody totally knows how the economy works, but you use the tools that you have.

        (Source: BA Hons degree, Business and Economics, Cambridge)



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