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Saturday Night For The Free Thinker: Humor And Laughs Only Tonight!

Cheers to all who have an open mind, a peaceful mind.

Even Captain Picard and Commander Riker know how to have a laugh!

Nuts give me anaphylactic shocks. They are darn dangerous to my health!

Lots and lots of faith!

23 thoughts on “Saturday Night For The Free Thinker: Humor And Laughs Only Tonight!”

      1. Agree! But then again, Domenico. Unfortunately I know some medical doctors who are Evangelicals and some others Jehovas…..WHAAAAAAAT?! Yes, kid you not. I don’t know if they believe, really believe it or they just go to get “customers”. If so,they are con artists and hypocrites. But when I ask them they say they really believe….huh!


  1. “The Fatted Calf” Is Now the Golden
    Idol Statue of Trump At ‘CPAC’ Worth

    Noting ‘They’ Aren’t Willing to
    ‘Sacrifice’ Him As A Presidential

    Nominee for 2024 Even When they’ve
    Already Admitted He is Practically Responsible

    For A Bloody Insurrection to Overturn Democracy
    True i Suppose ‘Moloch’ Is Testing them Again Oh

    ‘The Pagans’

    Who Still

    Can’t See the

    Real Heart Beat of

    God Nature This Precious Breath Now
    Sad When Folks Don’t Believe ‘Nature’ Is Real…

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  2. Many years ago, I think supernatural thinking was used to explain things not yet understood by science. If someone was cured by consuming a certain herb, the herb had magical powers. Herbs can have amazing abilities but we now know how to explain those powers.

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