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Saturday Night For The Freethinker: The Hypocrisy In Religion Part 2

atheist agnostic religion god dr martha castro noriega mexico america california

I absolutely despise the hypocrisy in religion. I was raised Catholic then Methodist and I was always taught “Judge not lest ye be judged”, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, and “Do unto others as they would have done unto you.” So, what exactly have I witnessed in Christianity? None of it!

atheist agnostic religion god dr martha castro noriega mexico america california

You can’t just call yourself a “Good Christian” and then discriminate against different groups of people. If there was really a God, why are very good people dying of terrible diseases like cancer? Why are so many people across the globe living in poverty? Why is there always fighting? Why is there no world peace?

atheist agnostic religion god dr martha castro noriega mexico america california

It’s not okay to go up to someone and say “If you don’t accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are going to Hell.” Everyone is entitled to have their own beliefs and people need to respect that. Also, there are over 4000 different religions throughout the world, so how can anyone assume that their religion is right and everyone else is wrong?

atheist agnostic religion god dr martha castro noriega mexico america california


35 thoughts on “Saturday Night For The Freethinker: The Hypocrisy In Religion Part 2”

  1. Hypocrisy and religion. Religion I believe, no matter the belief, is not hypocritical in itself. There are however hypocrites in all religions. Belief in a higher power is not evil. The belief that YOU are the higher power is. Some religious folks tend to forget that.
    There is hypocrisy in nearly all human endeavors, science, technology, art, and literature. The disconnect begins when we share OUR truth, rather than THE truth.

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    1. I disagree, respectfully, with some of what you are saying, not all of it. Actually, the rest of the comment is agreeable with my point of view.
      I disagree with this judgemental part of the comment (it reminds me of all religious fanatical people I have encountered in my life, and I don’t like it)…you said “Belief in a higher power is not evil. The belief that YOU are the higher power is”…. so you think that I could be EVIL because I might think that I am a higher power? Why? Nobody has the right to call anybody evil, unless you think you are self-rightous and a perfect moral person.


      1. Thank you for your response. The comment you refer to is I find the belief in a god or God innocuous, but I find when one thinks they ARE God or a god is not good. The absence of good would infer ‘evil’.

        This is not the same thing as a person who thinks they are Joan of Arc or Napolean. Those people are entitled to their opinion. It’s the person who believes they in fact are the center of all creation; that is not an opinion. Madness may be, illogical most likely evil most probably. To think one is a God is discriminatory and implies that every other living thing is inferior. That is dangerous.


      2. “The absence of good would infer ‘evil’.” ….only from the theological point of view. You are using a privation theory of evil, a theological doctrine, in a religious context. That is exactly what I am not: a religious person, and what my post is about, non-religiousity.
        From the literature point of view, the opposite of good is ‘bad’. That simple.
        Now, why do you keep on mentioning this: “To think one is a God is discriminatory and implies that every other living thing is inferior.” when in my post there is no reference to that at all? It doesn’t make any sense your constant thing about it. Who’s talking about anyone being Arc, Napolean, god or God? Nothing to do with the post.
        The post topic is about hipocrysy in religious people, not about ‘Grandiose Delusional Disorder’.
        Please, let’s stay on topic. Thank you.

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  3. I’m optimistic the various flocks are diminishing if not in numbers maybe in intensity. Fearlessness takes a lot of time to travel from the collective’s heart to its mind. Many who inspired the religions would probably not join theirs if they were to return here.

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  4. I just rewatched the movie Gandhi last night. What a simply amazing person! He was so right about everything but there are still so many people who truly don’t get his message.

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      1. Dr. Martha I just found your blog this morning and had to respond to this comment.

        I don’t think it’s humanity that is negative. I think it it is capitalism, our control system. It oppresses everyone and everything it touches, since Neoliberalism took over in the 80’s. Lies, propaganda, consumerism, wars, terrorism, wage slavery, this is all because we live under a capitalist system. So much of what happens on the planet now is determined by large multi-national corporations: who eats, who starves, who works, who is unemployed, who has a home, who lives on the street. They determine these things because they have the money to buy the governments – literally – and force down wages. I am American. I am ashamed to BE American. My country is owned by the corporations. Our citizens are so propagandized – they thought a conman would save them.

        We must be strong enough to save OURSELVES. The country may, or may not, survive.

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      2. Thank you, Laura, for your comment. I understand where you are coming from. Yes, I see that you have hope and faith in humanity, and that is something I don’t want to take away from you, ever.
        I am 58 years old, and have seen it all. I used to be like you. My only hope it’s that you continue to be the way you are all your life, regarding your feelings towards humanity. I really do.
        In regards to Capitalism, let me explain something: there is no true capitalism almost in the world anymore. The only country left with true Capitalism (well, more or less) is Germany. What exists in the USA is called Corporate Capitalism, and it is exactly what you are talking about. Corporate Capitalism has destroyed and looted Democracy and liberty.
        True Capitalism, or what it is supposed to be, is economic freedom without the government getting involved, or with minimal government intervention. It’s characterized by progress, spiritual and worldly wealth, and liberty. USA has Corporate Capitalism which pursues the enrichment of big corporations at the cost of destroying small businesses. Large corporations are assumed to pursue profit, growth, and market share expansion subject to constraints imposed by markets and the state. Corporate Capitalism is ruining the world and in my point of view, it is a corporate crime colluded with the governments of the world. Donald Trump enforced Corporate Capitalism, even more. Not that Biden is any better, he is just “helping” the other side of the coin, the other big corporations, the ones that didn’t make money with Trump. And so it goes.


      3. One more thing: I am so delighted that we can talk like this, two grown up adults who think, make decisions, no matter how different the opinions can be, but we talk, and that, my dear Laura, is very valuable.
        I congratulate you for commenting your own opinions and ideas, and I respect them.


  5. Thanks for your input. However, my comments about good vs. evil were not theologically constructed rather, philosophically slanted. Huge difference I’m sure you would agree. Similar to the quest for truth or beauty. None of which are theological pursuits per see.

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      1. Says Jesus’s best friend in 1John 4. Christ calls the down-and-outs to himself — and I heard him. Now he resides in my flesh.


      2. A final thought Dr. Castro — in the same way that you live open and honest and positive before everyone here, so do I before the Lord. Tis necessary in any relationship, right? Thanks.


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