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Saturday Night For The Freethinker: The Mind Of A Free Thinker

free thinkers humanists religion atheist dr martha castro noriega mexico

“Life without liberty, is a life not lived, and life without truth, is a life not understood.” “There’s a difference between an open mind and an empty head.”
Abhijit Naskar.

free thinkers humanists religion atheist dr martha castro noriega mexico

Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs.

free thinkers humanists religion atheist dr martha castro noriega mexico

“Being holistic doesn’t mean mumbling mystical mumbo-jumbo all the time, it means seeing the reality as it is, without giving in to either supernatural nonsense or intellectual arrogance.”
― Abhijit Naskar

free thinkers humanists religion atheist dr martha castro noriega mexico

13 thoughts on “Saturday Night For The Freethinker: The Mind Of A Free Thinker”

  1. Life is An Ocean There is Water, Waves, Ocean Whole To See And Be Now

    People Are Anchors And Sails Some Are Deeper And Shallow More

    Some or One or The Other Some Are Both Yet Weather

    And Seasons Tides And Waves Come And Go

    Anchors Provide Safe Harbors When

    Storms Come In Dark

    Frozen Snowy



    Appear And Titanics

    Rise And Fall Down Drowning too..

    Oh the Sails Fair Weather And Following Seas

    True We Most All Boats Who Need Anchors and Sails

    For Water, Waves, Ocean Whole Are Same At Essence

    Yet Form Comes Different As Change In Balance Brings

    Survive Even Thrive

    In Short When

    Change for


    Is The Rule

    We aRe Different

    Or We Die Out And Don’t Survive

    When We Look Deeper We Come to

    Understand Why Some Folks Evolve More

    To Stay In A Cave And Paint the Same Art There

    And Some Folks Are Never Ending Stories Hehe

    Who Never Seem to

    Land At All….

    True i Am

    An Anchor

    And Sail

    i Create My Own

    Safe Harbors And

    Rage The Ocean

    Water Waves
    Tides i Come in And
    Go Out And Back Again Free

    Be the Wave, Be the Water, Be the Ocean
    Be the Anchor, The Sail, Whatever You Do
    Be the Boat Who Still Floats Your Way Be Free To Be You..

    And Let Others Be The Old Cave Art in the Cave With Least Harm of Course…
    Religion is A Glue No Matter What Comes that Bonds Folks Together in Church

    Or State

    The Church

    Ain’t Going

    Away Until the State Does
    Better As Obviously The State
    Already Provides LoVE iN More Ways

    Than the ‘Old Trump’ of the Older Cave Art Testament
    Ways of Religions And that’s for Damned Sure Now

    Beyond All



    Hehe Science
    Shows Humans
    At Core Are Not

    Rational They Create Entire
    Oceans With No Waves or Water of Love At All…


    i skipped
    All the Rest of

    The CuLTuRaL

    Clothes the Tools,
    The Boat, The Anchor,
    The Sail, Just A Naked
    Wave Waving See Ya Later Doc Be Back Again..:)

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      1. SMiLes Dear Doc The Wife Hates Dancing

        And Doesn’t Particularly Like Poetry

        Yet She Does Everything

        Else including

        Lighting Up A Room

        With Beauty At Close to 51 Years

        Old and Yes She Does take the Occasional

        SiGNaTuRE Pose Photo of me Sort of A Diluted Pose

        of Dancing Shiva That Currently Resides as the Symbol

        Of the Cern Particle Accelerator As Aldous Huxley So

        Eloquently Describes it As the Cosmos And the

        Human Relationship as the Cosmos

        For Our Inner Universe

        So Below Above

        Within Inside

        Outside All Around

        All is Connecting All

        As Carl Sagan So Eloquently

        Describes In His ‘Cosmos Series’

        Of Arts Joining Hands With Sciences

        to Make Great Meaning and Purpose of

        in Life Sacred And Holy With No Necessary

        Clothes Yes Tools of Religion More than the Flesh

        And Blood Dance And Song We Wear For Moving

        Connecting Co-Creating Indeed Smiles Before July 2013

        Suffering With Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Shut-in

        in My Home For 66 Months With that and a Synergy

        of 19 Life Threatening Disorders Total Mostly

        Stress Related Chronic to Acute for

        11 Years After what

        The Doctors

        Described as

        Unexplained Remission

        That Earlier Had No Prognosis

        For Recovery i Decided Let’s Make

        ALL A Holy And Sacred Way of Life Where

        Every Word Becomes Song and Every Move

        Becomes Dance Where all of Life Becomes the

        Best of Art That is an Increasing Practice of Expanding

        Human Potentials Hehe Not the kind of thing my Wife is into

        Yet Again She Takes Care of the Rest So I am able to Write Free

        Verse Poetic Words in Flow That is Indeed Inherently Meditation in

        River Flow as all the Words Are Water that Becomes Waves of

        Shapes And the Ocean So Far is a 9 MiLLioN Word EPiC

        Long Form Poem Writing an Average of 100,000 Words a

        Month including them on Facebook Now for the Last

        5,000,000 Words in the Profile Pic

        Description Areas for the

        Last 45 Months

        As Well

        All the Moves

        Become A Public Dance

        Like Free Ballet Mixed With Martial

        Arts Now For 15,606 Miles As Well

        All over My Metro Area for the Last

        90 Months as Moving Meditation And What that

        EPiC Long Form Poem is Literally Thousands

        of Poetic Responses in Free Verse just like this

        Inspired By Thousands of Folks Around the Globe

        Copied and Pasted As Waves of Water that

        Are Words As All those Waves Hold Hands

        As Free Verse Poems that Comprise the Entire

        9,000,000 Word Plus EPiC Long Form Poem NoW

        “Song oF mY SoUL” that i Unashamedly Name a Bible

        As at Least I tell the Frigging Truth And Ain’t Trying To Sell some
        Snake Oil to the ‘Trump Crowd’ on ‘Fifth Avenue’ in ‘Orange Kool-Aid Style’

        For You See it’s Just my Bible the other ones are Just to full of Ignorance for me…

        How Wonderful…

        It is to finally

        Not be in the

        Prison of a 2,000 Year Old

        World Collection of Old Poems

        Write Our Own Stories Direct Our

        Plays Act them too With a Wife who

        Takes Pictures of a “Zillion SiGNaTuRE Poses” too

        Hehe With Over 2,000 Lovely Selfie Photos With Young

        Women Dancing in the Metro Area for 6 Years of Doing that

        Through Age 60 Last Year As Covid-19 Shut The Dance Hall Down

        Yet Not the Safe Social Distancing Masked Dance all Around the Metro

        Area Public Stores.. How Long Does it Take me to type one of these Free

        Verse Poems up to 130 Words Per Minute in Typing Speed When Totally

        Focused Most of Human Potential is Limited by what Our Ability of Focus

        Is And Attention Span True i Flow With the River Yet Rise Against the

        Tides of What Science Assesses as the Average Attention Span

        of Humans today that of Less than a Gold Fish Less than

        3 Seconds Indeed And In this Way i Casually

        Write A Novel Sized MacroVerse

        of “SonG oF mY SoUL” Of Around

        60,000 Words Every two Weeks

        And Again Around 100,000 Words on

        Average for an Entire 90 Months of 9,000,000 Words

        Smiles i have Many Blogs and Many Avenues i use as i do

        This as A Retirement Hobby Since Being Financially Independent

        13 Years Ago since age 47 Retired Early on Disability doing what i could

        As a Shut-in in my Home Discussing Logic that Turned into Organic Feelings

        of Poetry Natural Evolution it seems Yet Chances are sadly if there are many

        Modern Mozarts, Beethoven’s, And Da-Vinci’s or Even Forrest Gump they

        Are Likely Held Prisoners Playing Candy Crush at the Bus stop instead

        of Telling True Stories of Life that Reflect A Life Play

        that is Personally Directed And Acted

        Belonging to no one Yet

        Them now Still

        Fortunate i was to Escape

        CuLTuRE for all that Pain and

        Numb of Emotions too as i lost the

        Ability to Remember a Feeling of A Smile

        Just No Reference Point to that at all in Real HeLL ON Earth Within Now…

        Smiles i came out on the Other Side With Butterfly Wings Out of

        That Cocoon Dungeon Before that i was Basically

        A Caterpillar With No Legs Just Shuffling

        By Like A Zombie Like the others

        At Super-Walmart Life Sadly

        A Microcosm of what

        Most Americans


        Have Become

        “Every Day Low Prices’….

        Hehe i’m not For Sell And i will
        never Sell my Soul like i did before

        As Slave to Others with no Ability to Say No….

        Now i have more Than Soul Now i Have a Dance

        And “SonG oF mY SoUL” For Real as this Bible Belongs

        to no one Yet my Soul as the Old one Mostly rotted what my Soul was before…



        i’m Smiling

        And Even Get

        To Be A Friend Ship Free At Sea..:)


      2. Hehe oops… i’m slipping

        Better Not Get too Far Ahead

        Half Way Around the Globe in Distance

        of Public Dance… Typo Fingers Moving

        Too Fast as it is
        14,606 Miles of

        Public Dance

        In 90 Months

        Not 15,606 Miles

        Usually in Typing 60,000
        or so words in One Novel
        Size ‘MacroVerse’ of Free Verse Every Two
        Weeks in Poetic Words i make a couple of Typos hehe

        Thing About it is When i Proof Read the Way i Write

        Free Verse.. MicroSoft And Other Grammar And Spell

        Checking Tools Are Practically Worthless Except for Word Count HAha..;)


  2. Very invigorating quotes, these folks thoughts encourage us come along in the quest to see what freshly seems the most truthful no matter the day.

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