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Raising Awareness About Mental Health: Music Helps Fight Depression

music therapy depression raising awareness mental health help dr martha castro noriega mexico

Depression is a common problem that cause changes in mood and loss of interest and pleasure. Music therapy, an intervention that involves regular meetings with a qualified music therapist, may help in improving mood through emotional expression.

music therapy depression raising awareness mental health help dr martha castro noriega mexico

Music therapy seems to reduce depressive symptoms (e.g. maintaining involvement in job, activities, and relationships).

music therapy depression raising awareness mental health help dr martha castro noriega mexico

“There’s just something about music — particularly live music — that excites and activates the body,” says Loewy, whose work is part of a growing movement of psychiatrists, music therapists, and psychologists who are investigating the use of music in medicine to help patients dealing with pain, depression and possibly even Alzheimer’s disease.


music therapy depression raising awareness mental health help dr martha castro noriega mexico

“Music very much has a way of enhancing quality of life and can, in addition, promote recovery.”

26 thoughts on “Raising Awareness About Mental Health: Music Helps Fight Depression”

  1. Ah Yes Emotions Move Us

    Rise Our Waves Fall Them

    Too As Ocean Souls

    Each of Us Are

    Too Vocal

    Chords Play

    Emotions of Songs

    In Sharps To Rise

    And Flats

    To Fall

    Our Waves

    Pianos Extend Strings Those

    Waves Those Vocal Chords

    Spring in Higher Or Lower

    Waves Of DarK And LiGHT

    As Yes Tears





    Doors oF LiGHT

    Drum Beats Of HeART

    Beats Percussion of

    Piano Hammers


    So Many


    Of Music Wake

    Our Dreams Of

    Emotion into Fruition

    Of Imagination Creativity

    Actions Dance And Sing

    In Greater Creativity

    And Productivity

    Now Neuroscience

    Shows Emotions

    Precede Most


    By Finding

    A Meditative

    Dance And Song

    Of Life in A Practice

    Of Flow Regulating

    Emotions Integrating

    Senses Part And

    Parcel Thereof

    Yes Cognitive
    Executive Functioning

    Increases As Emotions

    Are The Glue of



    Both Short

    Term Working

    And Long Term

    Too As This Is




    Greater Levels

    Of Laser Focus

    To Continue



    Hand Greater

    MuSiC Of


    Soul Evolving Now 🎼

    At Core Our



    And All

    Of Existence

    Is Dance And Song

    MuSiC First There Is

    DarK Then LiGHT Then

    Dance And Song



    “Eighth Day”



    Make DarK

    Words Through LiGHT



    And Song


    With No

    Beginning or
    EndinG Eternally Now “Key of E”

    Every Thing No Thing MuSiC NoW

    Last and First



    “A Day in A Life” Now

    By “The Beatles” Or Who Ever 🌊

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  2. I work overnights for Wal-Mart and I seriously put my headphones I and just Jam out. Sometimes I listen to Podcasts but mostly music. I love music 🎶🎶

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  3. I love music!!! It is one of the most helpful, therapeutic things I can do when I am down. I play piano and listen to music. Both just help give me a huge boost in my mood. Pet therapy is also very helpful.My dogs help very much!

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    1. You play piano! Love to hear a musical piece played by you. I play guitar very well. I mainly sing with it, some Lady Gaga songs, The Carpenters, Beatles, anything from the 70’s to 2021. And you, what do you play? Classical, instrumental, sing too? Tell me, please.
      Yes, love animals. My main pets are cats. But love dogs too
      Nice talking to you.


    1. Oh yes, it helps a lot. Like you, I love music. BTW, I would love to follow you back but this is what I get when I click on — durvacontent, the link you have when you comment by your avatar.: doesn’t exist. Let me know when you fix it to follow you back, durva.


    1. Samantha, thank you for your comment. It is wonderful for me to know that music helped you so much in your childhood. Music does that. Music has been my partner since I was 7 years old when I started to learn how to play the guitar. But yes, you are correct. Sometimes we need more than that.
      Sometimes in our lives it feels like nobody cares, and what others don’t understand is that that feeling is so real and painful we hang on to anything to survive and make it through.

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