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Learning Wednesday: Are You Lazy? Get Motivated With A Very Short Video

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The area of ​​our brain that deals with the anticipation of gratifications (laziness is part of it) is very large. Therefore identify how much the effort will be worth based on the gratification we imagine we will get before moving to overcome your laziness.

If you understand the prize, your motivation will increase. How to do:
1) Expect to win the battle against your will to do nothing a priori.
2) Break up the difficult objective into many easy micro-objectives.
3) Focus on the benefits that the action you need to take will bring you.
4) Anticipate the benefits that would bring you to reach the goal. Write these things down on a piece of paper and put it next to your bed. Read the list every night and reread it again before getting up in the morning.

5) Create obstacles that prevent you from doing the wrong things
6) Mentally visualize yourself behaving just the way you would like them to act

3 thoughts on “Learning Wednesday: Are You Lazy? Get Motivated With A Very Short Video”

  1. Visualize Our
    Plays Of Life


    As Studies

    Show Visualize

    Exercising And

    Mind Over


    Will Empirically

    Be Measured by

    Strength Gains

    However Sadly

    Some Folks

    Have Difficulty

    Imaging in Mind

    True This Makes Understanding

    Metaphors Difficult Too Without

    The Ability To Picture

    Analogies in


    These Non-Verbal
    Learning Difficulties of
    Higher Functioning Folks
    On The Autism Spectrum

    Have Who Must Navigate

    Their World Mostly

    By Words Now

    Beyond Visualizing

    Images And The Very

    Of What



    Possible Really

    Makes It Hard To

    Navigate And See

    The World Beyond

    Literal Word


    Yet As in Any Intelligence

    It is Possible one May

    Escape Literal Words

    And Become the

    Colors Of Life They Create

    As Long As They Believe

    It Is Possible

    And Give

    Those Other

    Human Potentials

    The Practice it Takes For Fruition😊


  2. Good ideas Martha. The young man doing pullups is amazing isn’t he? I imagine his arms are already strong from using the wheelchair but to pull himself and the wheelchair up on the bars just blows my mind.


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