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My New Electrical Scooter Rock And Rolls

I am 58 years old and my next birthday is April 18 … aaahhhh … glorious 59. And the next one will be the big 60! (feel like 20 though)

You live life once, I thought, so Martha, let’s get crrrrrazy and get yourself an electrical scooter and/or a motorcycle. This is the baby I’m getting (max speed 25 km/hr and good uphill power)


scooter electrical motorcycle transportation dr martha castro mexico california america

See, I have been a bicyclist for 15 years already. I have built powerful muscles and resistance. I can climb hills that are pretty steep and I love speed. I can go down the airport highway of my city where I live at 84 km/hr (52.19 miles/hr). And I am not afraid. I love it. But I am ready to try new things, and an electrical scooter is my gift for this year’s birthday, In the meantime, I will keep looking for the motorcycle of my dreams!


scooter electrical motorcycle transportation dr martha castro mexico california america

11 thoughts on “My New Electrical Scooter Rock And Rolls”

    1. No way Jose, Linda! We Aries Rock, we are always young, beautiful, smart and strong. We are the RAMS, and we conquer.
      OK, I gotta admit. Sometimes I feel old too, LOL, but we have to make ourselves feel better everyday. So there, we are going to have a digital party before April 14th, since mine is April 18th. What do you think?
      Honestly, I would like to live a long long life. Even with pains and what not, as longas my mind works sharply….

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      1. I agree with you 100% Martha. As a doctor you know that good health is the best gift in the world. I have known people whose mind has diminished … one with dementia was the same age as me (three years ago) and she did not know who she was. My neighbor didn’t recognize my mom and me. Very scary to see both of them. I pray that our respective exercise regimens will keep us healthy, happy and strong.


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