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Learning Wednesday: Where Covid Goes

The novel coronavirus has shown us to be able to infiltrate just about every millimeter of the human body, from the brain to the heart and lungs, into the intestines, and right down to the toes, causing an extreme variety of symptoms ranging from discomfort to fatal. It’s a list that we, doctors expect to grow even longer.

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19 thoughts on “Learning Wednesday: Where Covid Goes”

  1. That’s interesting Martha … I have no regrets for getting my COVID shot(s) … I had part two of my Moderna vaccine this past Tuesday. I knew there might be side effects for the second shot beforehand and the pharmacist even told me about that happening. Wow – last time I just had a sore arm. This time, my arm felt like a wrestler stomped on it and it got red and swollen and I had the dreaded flu-like symptoms in the afternoon. It’s over now (thankfully) and yes worth it in the long run.

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