17 thoughts on “Beautiful Breathtaking Sunset At The Parthenon Athens Greece”

      1. Yes Dear Doc As i Correct My Spelling Error
        Hehe The Parthenon Greek Not The Pantheon
        Roman Such A Magnificent Achievement in
        Architecture Almost

        25 Hundred

        Years Ago

        Such A Prized
        Possession Conquered
        By Civilizations To Symbolize
        What Cultures Bond And Bind
        Over Most To Stick Together

        Amazing How Glued to
        Symbols Humans Do
        Become to Make

        Life Feel Order

        Taking the

        Place of Chaos

        In Gigantic Monuments
        That Truly Show Order Out of Chaos
        Still More Impressed Though With the
        Human Mind Able to Feel the Beauty
        of A Sunset Shining Through Twilight Eternal Now..:)


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