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Exotic Wisteria Flowers To Attract Bees

Lots of flowers provideย abundant nectar and pollen for bees. All Bees get all of their carbohydrates from floral nectar and all of their protein from floral pollen.

Bees rely on flowers to supply them with the food they need to survive. Some flowers (e.g. tomatoes) provideย only pollen, the main source of protein for bees. Other flowers (e.g. clovers) provide both nectar and pollen, thus providing both protein and carbohydrates.

Plant wisteria forย beesย and other pollinators

Wisteria is most fragrant. The blossoms abound with honey bees.

15 thoughts on “Exotic Wisteria Flowers To Attract Bees”

    1. Oh no…! Sometimes things like those happen once in a while and devastate the wonderful work we have done in our yard/gardening. Wisteria though is a fascinating plant with dazzling flowers, and it takes quite some time to make it grow tall and flamboyant. So, yes, I share your sentiment of feeling sad about it. But I’m confident you’ll see it grow bigger and more robust than before! ‘๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’š

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