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Anything Goes On Sunday: Les Amants

Let’s talk about love…just real tender love.

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1 thought on “Anything Goes On Sunday: Les Amants”

  1. Love Is
    Feet That


    In Other
    Words Dance Dear
    Doc Probably Told

    You This Before Yet

    It’s A True Story

    my Pain And Numb

    Was The Worst Case My
    Psychiatrist Said He Ever
    Witnessed True Losing
    The Memory Of The
    Feeling Of A Smile
    As Memories
    Are Emotions
    Emotions Are
    Memories Just
    No Reference



    Of No


    Of Return

    Out Of Real
    Hell Within Yes

    True Even The Worst
    Pain Known To Humankind
    From Wake To Sleep 66 Months
    No Drug Would Touch Not

    As Horrible

    As Losing

    All Feeling
    The Doctors Couldn’t
    Do Anything to Help
    The Psychiatrist i Visited
    7 Years And 7 Months
    Early on Wanted to
    Implant A Vagal


    In My Chest

    So i Could
    Feel Anything
    At All Other Than Pain

    They Offered To Block
    The Nerve in My Face
    Risking Paralysis Yet

    i Was More Afraid
    Of Feeling Nothing

    At All For You

    See That

    Is The Real

    Meaning of

    Being Separated
    From Our Nature God

    Yes Our Frigging Humanity

    i Laugh In The Face of

    Being Burned



    Is The
    Wimpy Place of Hell
    As it’s Just A Fairy

    You Get to
    Die As Death
    Is Real Heaven in Real

    Hell The Place of The Living
    Dead Spoiler Alert: i Live
    Happily Ever After Now

    i Cured Hell
    With Words of
    Singing And Steps of
    Dancing Free the Holy Sacred
    Healing Of It Is All Really Real

    In The 7th Year And 7th Month
    Of my Relationship With my
    Psychiatrist He Notified me

    That i Inspired
    Him To Quit

    His Practice

    And Teach Movement
    Therapy In A Hospital

    In South

    Florida As
    my Call to
    Adventure to
    Escape Darkness
    Became His Heroes’
    Journey As He Assessed
    The Medicine Part of Psychiatry




    And Effort

    Patient Heal Thy Doctor…

    Just A Same Old New Testament
    To Dance And Sing Naked Free

    What the So Called “White
    Man Christian Angry Old
    Toxic Patriarchy” Called
    Naked Savagery Finding
    Original American

    Indians Doing

    Free Practicing

    The Real Kingdom

    Of Heaven Humanly
    Within With Each Other

    With The Rest of All
    Nature in Respect Of

    Living Loving


    They Were Murdered
    Savagely For Wearing

    The True Face Of

    God Dancing


    Free In Balance
    With The Rest of
    Nature Today i Choose

    To Remember

    Them my Mexican FRiEnD☺️


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